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V-Tamer was the second Digimon, after C'mon Digimon. Both V-Tamer and C'Mon Digimon preceded the Digimon anime. C'mon Digimon is more-or-less a "practice" V-Tamer. The basic storyline and characters are very similiar.

Taichi Yagami, an 11 year old boy, had a Digimon V-Pet like many other people. However, when he tried to play in a tournament, the judges said that his Digimon was not programmed into the game, and therefore he could not enter. However, Taichi asked the winner of the tournament - Neo Saiba - to battle him, and he agreed. It would be simple to beat this "third-rate trash Tamer", he thought. But when the battle ended, each V-Pet said that they had won. Somehow, there had been a tie.

Later, Taichi was summoned to the Digital World by Lord Holy Angemon, where he met his Digimon - Zeromaru the V-Dramon. V-Dramon had been a previously unknown type of Digimon even in the Digital World. Eventually, travelling to the Folder Continent, Taichi and Zero met Gabo the Gabumon, who led them to Holy Angel Castle, where Lord Holy Angemon resided.

Taichi and Zero met Leo the Leomon, Tonosama Gekomon, and numerous other Digimon at Holy Angel Castle as Lord Holy Angemon told Taichi how Demon was plotting to take over the Digital World. Demon had once been a Seraphimon, but he rebelled against the god of the Digital World and was cast into the Dark Area - but he had returned. Demon was now training an army, and he had a Super-Final egg in his castle. Demon's castle had once belonged to the God of the Digital World, who disliked humans. Because of this, he sealed his castle so no human could enter. But if something went wrong, the the five V-Tamer tags were scattered around Folder. If a human possessed all the V-Tamer tags, he could enter the castle.

However, Tonosama Gekomon and Leo doubted Taichi was any better than them. But Taichi and Zero proved them wrong by defeated a Kuwagamon Leo had personally trained, and stopping Tonosama Gekomon's attack. And so, Taichi, Zero, and Gabo set off to gain the five V-Tamer tags - Earth, Metal, Air, Water, Spirit.

But it would be harder than he thought, Etemonkey the Etemon, the second in command of Demon's army, had sent a Perfect to guard all of the V-Tamer tags. Although they would not be able to touch them, the Perfect level Digimon would - in theory - be easy to stop Taichi and Zero (who was only an Adult). However, Zer was eventually able to defeat even Perfects!

Meanwhile, Demon too called a human to the Digital World - Neo Saiba. His job would be to raise the Super-Final egg when it hatched. Demon introduced Neo to Etemonkey, and Neo moved to kill Etemonkey - but in that moment, Etemonkey revealed he had only joined Demon's army so he might one day travel to the Real World and play with human children. Etemonkey then told Neo that Demon was not only seeking to conquer the Digital World, but the Real World too. An uncaring Neo deleted Etemonkey...Neo then set out with an old Metal Greymon of his which he had abandoned, and let Metal Greymon get pummeled while he scanned Zero's data. Later, to continue scanning Zero's data, he let Zero beat up a Devimon and Ogremon - but then when Zero was exhausted, Neo jogressed his Digimon into Skull Satamon, which soundly thumped Zero. But as Neo rambled on about not losing to a third-rate trash tamer and his trash monster, Zero exceeded his limits and killed Skull Satamon...

Much later, Neo jogressed his Digimon into a Deathmon, which was beating Zero. But when all seemed lost, Zero evolve into Aero V-Dramon and killed even Deathmon! Neo also called the Alias III into the Digital World - Mari, Hideto, and Sigma. Their Digimon were Rosemon, Omegamon, and Piemon, respectively. However, they too lost to Taichi and Zero, and when the Super-Final egg hatched into Arkadimon Baby, Neo chose to test it's power - by letting it kill Piemon. Afterwards, Arkadimon evolved to Child, and Neo and a great army of Demon's army set out for Holy Angel Castle. During the battle, Leo evolved to Panjyamon, and Holy Angemon to Seraphimon. Holy Angemon was able to throw Arkadimon Child in Heaven's Gate, but he broke out. When he evolved to Seraphimon, he was able to hold Arkadimon back and he nearly won - but Arkadimon evolved to Adult and wiped the floor with him.

[To Be Continued...]

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