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This game begins immediately after D-1 Tamers ends, a first for the Ryo Wonderswan games. Moon=Millenniumon created an explosion that sent him the the future, and Ryo to the distant past, to the very beginnings of the Digital Worlds.

A Monodramon appears and leads Ryo to ENIAC, the first computer - in real life, too. ENIAC explains that his creation in turn created the Digital Worlds, and that Millenniumon is plotting to destroy ENIAC, which could destroy all the Digital Worlds. Funny how the creator of the Digital World looks like a sphere of glowing light on a pedestal, isn't it? Also, ENIAC explains to Monodramon that Ryo lost his memory from all the fighting, and tells him to travel for Ryo.

Meanwhile, Zeed Millenniumon in the distant future is creating artificial Digimon and pondering as to why the past is still able to resist him. He has conquered all the Digital Worlds in the future, but it seems that he intends to change the past to make the future even better - for him, of course. He sends a Kuwagamon to the past. (The reason that Moon=Millenniumon is now Zeed Millenniumon is because the explosion shattered his crystal and released the rest of his power. However, some remnant of it does remain - there is a seal around Zeed Millenniumon. It is said that if that seal is ever broken, that Zeed Millenniumn's full power would be released and all the Digital AND Real Worlds would be brought to ruin.)

Ryo and Monodramon manage to defeat the Kuwagamon, of course, and somehow or another a Culumon arrives in ENIAC's world. ENIAC sends Ryo and Monodramon time and dimension hopping in the hopes it will help him recover his memories. But, Zeed Millenniumon sends one of his artificial Deathmon to the past...

Ryo defeats Deathmon after a long and difficult battle, and ENIAC explains that only Ryo's presence has prevented Zeed Millenniumon from completely crushing the resistance in the past. Ryo meets V-mon and Daisuke, who are happy to see him. V-Mon, anyway. When V-mon explains he wasn't Daisuke's first partner, Daisuke becomes slightly jealous. Zeed Millenniumon sends another artificial Digimon and says Ryo's progress is wonderful. Insert another dead boss.

Two of Zeed Millenniumon's servants, a Lampmon and Zanbamon ask Zeed Millenniumon to allow them to take out Ryo. Lampmon is stupid enough to really make Zeed angry, and Zeed Millenniumon lets them go do all they want against Ryo. Naturally, Ryo obliterates them. Zeed Millenniumon expresses his satisfaction, and proudly says that Ryo can't be beaten. He sends an artificial Black War Greymon anyway.

Ryo travels through time again and meets the Adventure Chosen Children and Gennai. Meanwhile, some Skull Satamon talk to Zeed Millenniumon and tell him Black War Greymon was defeated. He says he doesn't really care; he's buying time for his clones of Taichi, Daisuke, and Takato to be complete. However, one clone is already done. It's the Digimon Kaiser...

The Kaiser is sent into the past. After lots of sad and confused Ryo, the clone and the Digimon with him are defeated, and he reveals he was only buying time for Millenniumon's plans to fall into place. The Kaiser falls, and Ryo goes time and dimension traveling again...

All the dimension traveling and battling in his world is weaking ENIAC. Taichi, Daisuke, and Takato show up at ENIAC with three Final Digimon each, and are greeted by ENIAC's servants. However, Monodramon smells the scent of Millenniumon, and aren't really Taichi, Daisuke, and Takato. Taichi says Monodramon is right - they are the artificial Tamers created by Millenniumon, without human weaknesses. Their attack shuts ENIAC down.

Now that ENIAC is gone, Zeed Millenniumon decides it is time to go into the past and claim it for his own. However, when he tries to enter his gate, he is still blocked by an unseen power. The Skull Satamon tell Zeed that for some reason, they're still meeting resistance. A curious Zeed wonders why - he knows ENIAC's power must be gone, and that the past should be changing.

Back in the past, ENIAC explains to Ryo that he was not truly the first computer. Atanasoff, the real first computer, was the foundation of all the Digital Worlds that he built on. They were created at the same time, although the existence of Atanasoff is only a rumor to most. Atanasoff acts in ENIAC's shadow and protects the Digital Worlds in case something like this happens. ENIAC begs Ryo to protect Atanasoff before the worlds truly collapse...

In the future, Zeed recalls a rumor he once heard, about a computer called Atanasoff. He figures that Atanasoff has been acting in ENIAC's shadow the whole time and sends the clones back. Ryo defeats the clones and saves Atanasoff, but the world is slowly deleting anyway - the past has been changed too much. But there is still one last desperate attempt. ENIAC uses the last of his power to send Ryo to Zeed Millenniumon's palace in the future...

The Skull Satamon panic and say they feel a great power coming - Ryo! However, Zeed is pleased and said he knew Ryo would come, and that because of Ryo's bond with him Ryo could never lose - unless he should fight Zeed. He says that he and Ryo are darkness and light, and that they can't exist without each other, so they are doomed to fight forever.

Ryo defeats all of Zeed's minions, and after a lot of talking, Ryo fights Zeed Millenniumon. And promptly loses. Zeed Millenniumon reveals that he was meant to be Ryo's true Digimon partner, but with Monodramon's presence, that is impossible now. However, some strange feeling wells up in Monodramon (and Zeed). Monodramon says it's a jogress sequence! The two Digimon jogress into a Digi-Tama, and the past and future return to how they should be. Ryo is thanked by ENIAC and the others...

The egg does hatch into Ketomon, whose full line is as follows:
Ketomon - Hopmon - Monodramon - Strike Dramon - Cyber Dramon - Justimon. Presumably, Ryo settles in the Tamers world.

(Note that while fighting Millenniumon's minions, Monodramon DOES evolve. You didn't really think a Child could kill Finals, did you? ;)

Also, note that Cyber Dramon can evolve to Zeed Millenniumon...)

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