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Name: The Digimon Kaiser
Partner: Wormon
Bosses: Archnemon, Mummymon, Oikawa, Belial Vamdemon.
A mysterious boy who plans the conquest of the Digital World and rule over all Digimon. He uses Evil Spirals and Evil Rings to control Digimon.

Name: Archnemon
Voice Actor: Wakana Yamazaki
Boss: Oikawa
Attacks: Predation Spider, Spider Thread
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Beast
Level: Perfect
A mysterious woman who plans the destruction of the Digital World. She can changes Dark Towers into Digimon with her hair. She was created when Oikawa made his DNA into data. She is high handed and cruel.

Name: Mummymon
Voice Actor: Morikawa Tomoyuki
Boss: Oikawa
Attacks: Snake Bandage, Necrophobia
Attribute: Virus
Type: Undead Digimon
Level: Perfect
A Digimon made to aid Archnemon. He was also created when Oikawa made his DNA into data. Although he is merciless against his enemies, he cannot be hated.

Name: Black War Greymon
Voice Actor: Hiyama Osayuki
Boss: None
Attacks: Gaia Force, Black Tornado
Attribute: Virus
Type: Dragon Man
Level: Final
A Final level Digimon created by a hundred Black Spires and Archnemon's power. Although Black Spire Digimon are not supposed to have a heart and mind, Black War Greymon does. He obeys not his creator, Archnemon. He is misguided at heart in his quest to destroy the Holy Stones, but he repents and gives his life in an attempt to stop Belial Vamdemon's plans.

Name: Belial Vamdemon
Voice Actor: ???
Attacks: Melting Blood, Pandemonium Flare
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Lord
Level: Final
The revived form of Vamdemon. His spirit has possessed Oikawa, and he used his body to create Archnemon and Mummymon, and to make Ken become the Kaiser. Using the power of the Dark Spores, he created a new body for himself and left Oikawa to die. He killed Archnemon and Mummymon, who tried to protect Oikawa, and even the Chosen Children could not destroy him. Although Black War Greymon had sealed the gate to the Digital World, Belial Vamdemon bypassed the shut gate by going into the Dream Dimension and then the Digital World. He began to cover the Digital World and the Real World with darkness. The Chosen Children were helpless. However, the Dark Spore Children were able to realise their dreams, and Belial's power source was gone. His spirit only laughed, saying eh would be reborn again, but the Digivices of all the Chosen everywhere allowed Imperial Dramon Fighter Mode to use Giga Death and destroy him once and for all.

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