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In 2002, Taichi from Adventure had traveled through a random gate in the Real World to the Digital World. He found the Digimental of Courage, and unlocked new Digivices, called D-3s, which went to the new Chosen Children in the Real World: Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori. They eventually met their partners, V-Mon, Hawkmon, and Armadimon, and found Digimentals to evolve them, Courage, Love, and Knowledge. Takeru and Hikari from Adventure, now several years older, had their Digivice transformed into D-3s, and gained the Digimentals of Hope and Light. They retained their partners, although Tailmon had lost her Holy Ring and was only as strong as a Child.

They fought against a corrupted Chosen Child who possessed a Dark D-3 and was able to prevent Digimon from evolving normally. He called himself the Digimon Kaiser, and used Dark Rings and Dark Spirals to control Digimon, much as Devimon had used Black Gears in Adventure - however, the Kaiser had many more forces than Devimon ever had. The Kaiser was actually Ken, the same who had traveled with Ryou to defeat Millenniumon - it was the Dark Spore that had corrupted him. His partner was Wormon, but the Kaiser treated him as if he was worthless, which, to be honest, was partially true. Wormon SUCKS in Tag Tamers. Thge Kaiser also left Dark Spires wherever he had been to mark an area as his and to prevent Digimon from evolving normally.

The Chosen Children eventually gained more Digimentals: Friendship, Purity, and Reliability. However, the Kaiser created Chimeramon, perhaps because of some subconscious urging to recreate Millenniumon, of whom a Chimeramon is part. Chimeramon ravaged the Digital World, and was not under control of the Kaiser, although the Kaiser believed he was. Chimeramon proved to strong for the Chosen Children, being a Perfect, and they began losing. However, the Digimental of Miracles, which the Kaiser was using as a power source for his base, allowed V-Mon to evolve to Magnamon, an extremely strong Armor and member of the Royal Knights. However, even Magnamon's power was proving not enough, for he began to run out of energy. However, Wormon sacrificed his life to give Magnamon an energy boost, and Magnamon was able to defeat Chimeramon.

Upon seeing the Chosen Childrens Digimons' lower forms, which the Kaiser had previously seen in the Real World, the Kaiser realised Digimon were real, and that it was not all a game, as he had thought. He broke down and his Kaiser outfit was deleted, and he wandered off into the sands weeping at the loss of Wormon. The Chosen Children returned to the Real World.

Ken, the now-former Kaiser, dreamed of things long past and went to the Digital World, where he found Wormon. Meanwhile, the Chosen Children began destroying all the Black Spires they could find, and began evolving their Digimon to Adult. From here on, Ken will be considered one of the Chosen Children. Black Spires began transforming into artificial Digimon, and Mummymon and Archnemon, two Perfects, were revealed to be behind it. Daisuke and Ken were able to jogress their Digimon into Paildramon, and Hikari and Miyako theirs into Silphymon. However, Archnemon and Mummymon apparently anticipated their defeat, and so created a Final level Digimon out of 100 Black Spires - Black War Greymon. Unlike previously created Black Spire Digimon, Black War Greymon was sentient and did not obey Archnemon, believing himself superior. He proceeded to waste everyone present.

Black War Greymon began destroying the Holy Stones, which protected the Digital World from collapsing into other dimensions. He sought Qinglongmon, who he believed would be a worthy enemy to fight. Before he could destroy the last Holy Stone, Iori's and Takeru's Digimon jogressed into Shakkoumon, and all the jogress Perfects were able to hold him off. Qinglongmon revealed himself, and stopped Black War Greymon, who left. He also gave advice to the Chosen Children.

The Chosen Children encountered Oikawa, who kidnapped several children and Ken to implant the children with Dark Seeds. He was the creator and master of Archnemon and Mummymon, and they obeyed his commands. He succeeded even with the Demon Lord Demon and his minions looking for him, and the Chosen Children ended up destroying Demon's minions and banishing Demon to the Dark World. Oikawa drew energy from the Dark Seeds, and thanks to Black War Greymon giving his life to shut the natural gates to the Digital World, ended up in the dream world where he revealed himself as Vamdemon, now Belial Vamdemon. He killed Archnemon and Mummymon to the now un-possessed Oikawa's grief, and trapped the Chosen Children in illusions. However, they broke free of them thanks to Daisuke, and tapped into the power of the world which allowd their Digimon to go to all their forms at once. They seemed to be winning against him, but they shattered the wall of the Dream World, revealing the Digital World, and learned that Belial Vamdemon would have never been able to enter without them. He began covering the Real World and Digital World in darkness, but the Dark Seed children threw off the yoke of the Seeds and destroyed his body, while energy from Digivices of all the Chosen Children in the world allowed Imperial Dramon Fighter Mode to destroy Vamdemon's spirit once and for all.

But alas, the Digital World was now barren and seemed devoid of all life, and a dying Oikawa used the power of the dream dimension to kill himself and use his energy to restore the Digital World to the way it had been, even after meeting his Digimon partner. Thus, Oikawa died in happiness, and all the people in the Real World gained Digimon - but they were not all Chosen Children.

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