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Episode 1: The One who Inherits Courage
Years after Adventure ends, Tailmon is attacked by a Chosen Child calling himself the Digimon Kaiser. She escapes from the Kaiser and his Black Rings, which control Digimon, but she loses her Holy Ring in the process, making her only half as powerful as before. In the Real World, Takeru meets Miyako and Iori, who live in his new apartment. They go to school together, where Takeru sees a boy he thinks at first is Taichi - but it's only a boy named Daisuke. Taichi has found his way into the Digital World via an open gate, and he comes under attack by the Kaiser. He emails Koushiro and the other Chosen for help, but Miyako intercepts the message to Hikari. Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori wonder what the Digital World is, but Miyako and Iori have to leave. Taichi and some of the Chosen Digimon escape to a cave, where they find the Digimental of Courage. When Taichi touches it, three Digivices are released - and they travel to the Real World and end up in Daisuke's, Iori's, and Miyako's hands. Daisuke, Takeru, and Hikari go to the Digital World, and only Daisuke is able to pick up the Digimental of Courage. When he does, V-Mon is released - but the Kaiser sends Monochromon to attack the Chosen Children, and while they run away, V-Mon tells Daisuke to say Digimental Up. Hikari twists her ankle, and so Daisuke does - and V-Mon Armor evolves into Fladramon. Fladramon breaks the Black Ring controlling Monochromon and he becomes docile. The Chosen return to the Real World.

Episode 2: Digital Gate Open

Episode 3: DigiMental Up

Episode 4: The King of Darkness, Digimon Kaiser

Episode 5: Down with the Dark Tower

Episode 6: A Dangerous Picnic

Episode 7: Hikari's Memories

Episode 8: The Digimon Kaiser's Loneliness

Episode 9: The Evil Ring's Magic Runs Wild

Episode 10: The Enemy is MetalGreymon

Episode 11: Blue Lightning Lighdramon

Episode 12: The Duel at the Digimon Ranch

Episode 13: Dagomon's Call

Episode 14: Shurimon of Gales

Episode 15: Shurimon's Martial Art Skills

Episode 16: Submarimon's Escape from the Sea Floor

Episode 17: Odaiba Memorial

Episode 18: Pursuit to the Kaiser's Base!

Episode 19: The Synthetic Demon Beast Chimeramon

Episode 20: Supreme Evolution! Golden Magnamon

Episode 21: Goodbye, Ken-chan...

Episode 22: Brave Evolution! XV-mon

Episode 23: When the DigiVice was dyed in Darkness

Episode 24: Armor of Earth, Ankylomon

Episode 25: Knight of the Sky, Aquilamon

Episode 26: Jogress Evolution! Now, our Hearts are One

Episode 27: The Invincible Fusion! Paildramon

Episode 28: The Insect User's Trap

Episode 29: Archnemon - the Spider Woman's Mistake

Episode 30: The Dark Final, BlackWarGreymon

Episode 31: Storm of Love, Sylphimon

Episode 32: The Mysterious Ruins Holy Stone

Episode 33: Today Miyako is at Kyoto

Episode 34: Protect the Holy Point

Episode 35: Rampage Advance! Black War Greymon

Episode 36: Steel Angel Shakkoumon

Episode 37: The Giant Final Qinglongmon

Episode 38: Holy Night, the Great Digimon Meeting!

Episode 39: All Members Move Out! Imperialdramon

Episode 40: New York and Hong Kong, the Great Melee Battles

Episode 41: Coral and Versailles, the Great Riot Battles

Episode 42: Love and Borscht, the Great Fierce Battles

Episode 43: The Demon Armys Invasion

Episode 44: The Mortal Combat of Dark Digimons

Episode 45: The Gate of Darkness

Episode 46: Black War Greymon VS War Greymon

Episode 47: Black War Greymon's Seal

Episode 48: Terror! Belial Vamdemon

Episode 49: The Last Armor Evolution

Episode 50: Our Digital World

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