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The D-3s were used only by the primary Adventure 02 Chosen Children - no one else is known to ever have possessed one. They had considerably more functions than the first Digivice, and were also more powerful. They were used to Armor Evolve, evolve, jogress evolve, and mega evolve.

Ken's D-3.

Like all Digivices, the D-3 came in different colors. The one shown belongs to Ken.

Digimentals were rare and ancient items used more frequently during ancient times, when Armor evolving was the way to go. The use of the Digimentals during Adventure 02 would not have been possible without Ryo and Ken finding the pieces and getting them rebuilt during Tag Tamers (sometime during the year 2000, immediately after Bokura no Wargame). The Holy Beasts then chose some of them to be used by the Chosen Children, and allowed them to be scattered throughout the Digital World. The Digimentals used during the series, and their respective owners, are listed below.

Digimental of Courage
Digimental of Friendship
Digimental of Miracles
(The Digimental of Miracles is the Crest of Kindness in a different form, thus the reason it's not in Tag Tamers or D-1 Tamers.)

Digimental of Hope

Digimental of Light

Digimental of Purity
Digimental of Love

Digimental of Faith
Digimental of Knowledge

Wallace (OOC):
Digimental of Fate

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