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Episode 1: The Birth of Guilmon! The Digimon that I Thought of

Episode 2: You are my Friend! Terriermon Appears

Episode 3: Renamon Versus Guilmon! Battling is the Life of a Digimon

Episode 4: The Test of the Tamer! Defeat Gorimon

Episode 5: Culucculuun! Playing with Culumon

Episode 6: The Meaning of Partner - Renamon Evolves!

Episode 7: Guilmon is in Danger! The Adventure in my Town

Episode 8: Guilmon Evolves! The Showdown in West Shinjuku

Episode 9: Revert to Guilmon! The Growmon Disturbance

Episode 10: Renamon is my Friend! Ruki's Perplexity

Episode 11: The Great Shinjuku Guard! The Confrontation for 1 Minute and 30 Seconds

Episode 12: Ruki and Renamon, the Crisis of their Bond!

Episode 13: The Order to Capture Digimons! The Premonition of a Disaster

Episode 14: Stand up Tamer! The Megalo Growmon Super Evolution

Episode 15: A Giant Snake Appears! The Great Edo Line Panic

Episode 16: Protect the City Lights! The Dangerous Camp of Digimons

Episode 17: Chase the Blue Card! Rapidmon's Lightning-Fast Electric Light

Episode 18: Beautiful Evolution! Taomon Dances in the Moonlight

Episode 19: I want to be Strong! Impmon's Upward Crawl

Episode 20: This is the Trump Card! The Blue Card of Friendship

Episode 21: Juri's Partner?! My Leomon-sama

Episode 22: Vikararamon Appears! Protect Our City

Episode 23: All Digimons Move Out! Advance toward the Wind

Episode 24: To the Digital World... The Day of Departure

Episode 25: Rush into the Digital World! Farewell, Our City

Episode 26: A Small World! Jijimon and Babamon of the Windblown Valley

Episode 27: Impmon Evolves! The Shiver of Demon Lord Beelzebmon

Episode 28: Enemy or Friend? The Legendary Tamer Akiyama Ryo

Episode 29: Here is the Ghost Castle! The Great Escape of the Lost Culumon

Episode 30: An Urgent Connection from the Digital World. Culumon is...

Episode 31: The Friendship with Guardromon! I'll Fight too, Tamer Hirokazu

Episode 32: The Mystery of Guilmon's Birth! The Mysterious Universe of Water

Episode 33: Where is Terriermon?! Shiuchon to the Digital World

Episode 34: The Kindhearted Hero, Leomon Dies!

Episode 35: The Name is Dukemon! The True Ultimate Evolution

Episode 36: Showdown! Dukemon Versus Beelzebmon

Episode 37: Confrontation! Zhuqiaomon. The Saint Galgomon Ultimate Evolution

Episode 38: The True Enemy Moves Out! The Fight of the Four Holy Beasts

Episode 39: Dancing while Scattering Ultimate Flowers! Sakuyamon Evolution

Episode 40: The Shine of Evolution - Shining Evolution!!

Episode 41: Return, to the Real World!

Episode 42: D-Reaper Attacks the City! The Tamers' Decision

Episode 43: Connected Hearts! Beelzebmon Revives

Episode 44: A Mysterious Girl! Carrying a Miracle, Dobermon

Episode 45: Stand Facing the D-Reaper! Rush into the Zone

Episode 46: The Refreshing Ultimate Soldier, Meet Justimon!

Episode 47: Rescue Dukemon! Scramble onto Grani

Episode 48: The Power to Protect Juri, Beelzebmon’s Fist!

Episode 49: Destruction of the Capital! Culumon’s Wish

Episode 50: The Crimson Knight Dukemon - Save the Ones who you Love!

Episode 51: Dreaming is the Very Power of Our Future!

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Digimon Savers
The new anime continues to air weekly in Japan.

Card Game Alpha Evolve.4

Digimon Savers: The Movie
December 9th.

Digimon Next
The chapters continue to appear monthly in V-Jump.

Digivice Burst
November 18th.

Digimon Story
The US version is set to appear later this year.

Digimon Mini Ver. 2
Japan. The latest V-Pet came out March 18th.

Japan. The newest Japanese card game set came out in early April.

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Japan. The Digimon Figure Cube Minis came out late April.

Ultimate Genome
Japan. The fourth version of the Digimon Accelerator came out November 19th, in two colors - red and blue.

X-Evolution DVD
Japan. The DVD came out on November 25th, almost a year after the movie first aired.

Digimon Mini
Japan. November 23rd.

Digimon Next
Japan. The first Japanese Digimon manga since V-Tamer, Digimon Next came out in a recent issue of V-Jump.

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