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Guilmon's Evolution Line
Although Guilmon never devolved to them in the show and was apparently created as a Child level Digimon, his Baby level is Jarimon, and his Baby II level is Gigimon. Guilmon, who is a Child level, can evolve into Growmon (Adult) with Culumon and a D-Arc's power. Usually some kind of emotional event on the part of the Tamer or a Card Slash is also required to activate the evolution. From there, Takato can Card Slash a Blue Card and Growmon will Matrix Evolve into his Perfect level, Megalo Growmon. If his Tamer becomes very angry, Megalo Growmon can evolve into the corrupt Ultimate/Final form of Megidramon with the aid of a D-Arc and Culumon's power. However, his true Ultimate/Final (according to the head writer of the Digimon Tamers series), Dukemon, can be obtained if Guilmon's Tamer is data and some sort of life-threatening event occurs and the Tamer and Guilmon (in his Child form) combine and Matrix Evolve. Dukemon can Mode Change into Dukemon Crimson Mode with Grani's power. EDIT: Guilmon's Baby II form, Gigimon, was indeed shown in the show. In the last episode, as the Digimon devolved so they could fit through the gate, Guilmon devolved into Gigimon.

Terriermon's Evolution Line
Although Terriermon's lower forms were never shown, his Baby form is Jellymon, and his Baby II form is Gumimon. Terriermon can be forcibly evolved into Galgomon (Adult), or he can evolve with Culumon's power and a Card Slash. Galgomon can Matrix Evolve into Rapidmon (Perfect) if his Tamer Card Slashes a Blue Card, and Terriermon can Matrix Evolve into Saint Galgomon (Ultimate) if his Tamer is data, some sort of life-threatening event occurs, and the Tamer and Terriermon combine. Saint Galgomon, contrary to some rumors, does NOT Mode Change. EDIT: Terriermon's Baby II form, Gumimon, was indeed shown in the show. In the last episode, as the Digimon devolved so they could fit through the gate, Terriermon devolved into Gigimon.

Renamon's Evolution Line
Although Renamon's lower forms were never shown, her Baby form is Reremon, and her Baby II form is Pokomon. Renamon (Child) can evolve to Kyuubimon with a D-Arc and Culumon's power, although some kind of emotional event on the part of the Tamer or a Card Slash is also usually required to activate the evolution. Kyuubimon (Adult) can then Matrix Evolve into Taomon (Perfect) if her Tamer slashes a Blue Card. If Renamon's Tamer is data, and some sort of life-threatening event occurs, Renamon and her Tamer can evolve into Sakuyamon (Ultimate). Sakuyamon does NOT have any Mode Changes, although there is a card of a Sakuyamon wearing different clothes. She is just a different type of Sakuyamon, NOT a Mode Change. EDIT: Renamon's Baby II form, Pokomon, was indeed shown in the show. In the last episode, as the Digimon devolved so they could fit through the gate, Renamon devolved into Pokomon.

Impmon's Evolution Line
Impmon's Baby is Kiimon, and his Baby II is Yaamon - although only Yaamon appeared in the show. Impmon can possibly evolve into Boogeymon and Phelesmon, but in the show, Zhuqiaomon forced him to evolve all the way to Ultimate, Beelzebumon. However, this evolution was incomplete and flawed. Later, his Tamers allowed him to evolve to his true Ultimate (according to the writer of Digimon Tamers), Beelzebumon Blast Mode.

Leomon's Evolution Line
Leomon's evolution line is unknown, although in V-Tamer a Leomon evolves into Panjyamon and then Regulumon. The one in Tamers, however, never devolved or evolved.

Guardromon's Evolution Line
Guardromon devolved to the Baby II level Digimon Nyaromon in the last episode, although his Baby and Child forms are unknown. He devolved from Andromon when he was badly injured, and Andromon's official Ultimate is almost certainly High Andromon.

Lopmon's Evolution Line
His Baby and Baby II forms are Cocomon and Chocomon, although only Chocomon appeared in the show. Lopmon's official "good" Adult is almost certainly Turuiemon, and he was originally the Deva Digimon, Antiramon. Lopmon can still evolve straight into Antiramon with her Tamer and a D-Arc. Antiramon doesn't do so in the show, but his official Ultimate is Cherubimon.

Marine Angemon's Evolution Line
...Is unknown. ;)

Non-Tamer Digimon's Evolution Lines

Culumon does not evolve.

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