All hail Jedi Amara and her great banner-making power. :D

1. The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Fire
Takuya recieves a text message on his cellphone while waiting for his father to get home so they can celebrate Shinya's, his little brother's, birthday. He does what it says, and ends up in the Digital World with four other children - Kouji, Izumi, Tomoki, and Junpei. Their cellphones transform into D-Scanners on the trip, and when the Flame Terminal is attacked by a Cerberumon, servant of the evil Cherubimon, he finds the Spirit of Fire and evolves into Agnimon to defeat the hound. The Chosen Children meet two helpful Digimon, Bokomon and Neemon.

2. Wolfmon of Light:Battle in underground maze
The Chosen Children walk around, and they are eventually attacked by a Raremon. Kouji finds the Spirit of Light and evolves into Wolfmon, who is able to defeat the monster.

3. Don't let bullying! Evolution of ice Chakmon
The Chosen find a carving of Lucemon and the Ten Spirits' symbols, and they are attacked by Candmon. Agnimon is nearly defeated by the Candmon, but Tomoki finds his Spirit, and evolves into Chakmon. He begins to win, when the Candmon evolves into Wizardmon! However, Agnimon is able to beat Wizardmon.

4. My kick gives you hard time! Female fighter Fairymon
The Chosen are attacked by a Mushroomon, after visiting with some Floramon. Izumi gets angry at them and finds her Spirit, and evolves into Fairymon. The Mushroomon evolve into Woodmon, and is unable cannot defeat Woodmon. Kouji arrives, and Spirit Evolves into Wolfmon, and easily defeats the Woodmon.

5. Lightning power that shakes ground: Blitzmon
The Chosen Children come upon a factory, and in it they find a Snimon. Other Digimon also attack them, and the situation seems hopeless. But then Junpei finds his Spirit, and evolves into Blitzmon. Blitzmon defeats the Snimon.

6. Legendary fighters vs new fighter!
Kouji comes upon some trapped Digimon, and helps them. Meanwhile, the other Chosen come into a Katsuki Numemon village, where everything is upside down. or on the wall. Or someplace besides the floor. That night, we see a shot of some beds. Some empty beds. Then, the "camera" moves down, and we see the Chosen sleeping on the floor. Eventually, Grottomon attacks, and even Fairymon, Chakmon, Agnimon, Wolfmon, and Blitzmon are defeated. Everyone is split into two groups, as they fall down an abyss.

7. Flying city in the sky! Toy Agumon's toy country
Cherubimon has corrupted some ToyAgumon, who in turn corrupt a Monzaemon into WaruMonzaemon. WaruMonzaemon kidnaps Tomoki, and Takuya and Kouji attempt to follow, but are thrown back in the moat around Toy Town's castle, where they are rescued by Pandamon. Pandamon explains what has happened, and shows Takaya and Kouji an underground passage into the castle grounds. There, they are attacked by Black ToyAgumon, who form a tank, and then two giants. Spirit evolving into Agnimon and Wolfmon, Kouji and Takuya are able to defeat the Black ToyAgumon, and turn them back into ToyAgumon. They run up to the castle top to find Tomoki playing a video game with a now uncorrupted Monzaemon.

8. Resucue everyone! Tsunomon evolves
Izumi and Junpei come upon a school for Digimon, which has a Togemon for a teacher. They "lecture" the mostly Baby II class, and suddenly, a storm comes up. Fairymon and Blitzmon are unable to stop the torrents of water, and only a Tsuno who was shunned by his classmates because he could evolve can save the day. Of course, he does, and everyone likes him after that, to Izumi's delight.

9. Chakmon is the enemy? Mysterious forest of televisions
At night in a forest in the Digital World, the Chosen Children come upon a place where they can see into the Real World. Tomoki sees his mother, but soon after the vimages disappear. Tomoki cries, and the Chosen go off to make a campsite. They get a fire going and start eating something or another, but Tapirmon lurking in the trees uses his attack on Tomoki, turning him "evil". He is made to believe the other Chosen are keeping him from seeing his mother, and attacks them as Chakmon. Takuya and Kouji evolve into Agnimon and Wolfmon. Wolfmon fends Chakmon off, and Agnimon realizes what has happened. He hunts down Tapirmon, and un-corrupts him. Tomoki is returned to normal, and Tapirmon gives them good dreams for the rest of the night.

10. Beast spirit out of control?! Garmmon evolution!
Kouji, seperated from the group, walks to the edge of a cliff. Neemon and Bokomon come along and run into him, and they all fall. They find a Gotsumon, whichs runs from them and camoflauges itself against a rock. They find it anyway. Eventually, Kouji comes upon Gigasmon destroying the Gotsumon village. All the H-Hyrbids are defeated, but the Gotsumon gives Kouji his pendant. Kouji runs to these three big tower things, and puts the pendant in a slot. The eyes of the towers glow and injure Gigasmon, and the Beast Spirit of Light appears to Kouji. He evolves into Garmon, but is out of control. He pretty much defeats Gigasmon, but Gigasmon lives to see another day. Unfortunately...

11. Defeat me! Legendary fighter Vritramon runs wild
Grottomon is somewhere by the sea at night. He thinks about Garmon, and takes out a bottle. He sprinkles out a few drops, and a Golemon is formed. Grottomon jumps on top of him, and they both go into the ground. Meanwhile, the Chosen Children come upon a Sharmamon. It dances around for a while, but then the earth shakes. It's Grottomon and Golemon! The Chosen Children leave the temple-thing, and Sharmamon dances around inside. But suddenly, he sees a glowing light...
Junpei, Tomoki, and Takuya Spirit evolve to fight Grottomon. Kouji tries to Spirit evolve too, but a few drops of the stuff Grottomon used to make Golemon stop him. Golemon beats up the Chosen, until Agnimon uses Salamander Break. That knocks Golemon into the ground, and Grottomon Slide Evolves into Gigasmon. Gigasmon beats the crap out of the Chosen, and takes Tomoki's Spirit. Suddenly, a Vrirtamon flies out of the temple. And beats the crap out of Gigasmon, and kills Golemon. Gigasmon runs away. Agnimon defeats Vritramon when he turns on them, and turns into Vritramon himself. He goes out of control, and Kouji evolves to Garmon to try to stop him...

12. Roar, Vritramon! Defeat Gigasmon
Takuya, as the out-of-control, Vritramon attacks Blitzmon. Garmon tries to stop him, but is then is thrown back, and has Blitzmon thrown on him. They continue fighting, until Vritramon picks up Tomoki, and realizes who he is. Vritramon de-evolves into Takuya. Grottomon appears, and attacks Tomoki and Takuya. He then Slide Evolves into Gigasmon, and Takuya Spirit Evolves into Agnimon. Gigasmon uses his attacks, and grabs Tomoki. Gigasmon manages to defeat Agnimon, and he falls to the ground below. Takuya sits one the ground and yells for a while, and Sprit evolves into Vritramon. After alot of swinging through trees, running around, and Slide Evolving, Vritramon defeats Gigasmon, takes his Beast Spirit, and retrives Tomoki's Spirit. Vritramon flies at Grottomon to try and take Izumi's Spirit back, but Grottomon runs away underground.

13. Awake, Seraphimon! Secret of the ten fighters
All the Chosen Children, plus Neemon and Bokomon, come to large castle. There D-Scans allow them to pass the barriers on the way. Inside, they meet a Sorcerymon. They find Seraphimon in a reddish crystal, and their D-Scans release him. He explains the history of the Digital World to them, about the Warrior Ten, Lucemon, and Cherubimon's corruption. Grottomon breaks in, along with three other evil Hybrids - Mercuremon, Ranamon, and Arbormon. The Chosen, except Izumi, Spirit Evolve and fight them. Sorcerymon is injured, and the Chosen are pushed back. Seraphimon uses Seven Heavens and hurts all the evil Hybrids except Mercuremon. He then tries to fo it again, but Mercuremon uses his mirrors to reverse it. Serpahimon dies, and Mercuremon absorbs his Digi-Code. Izumi takes Seraphimon's Digi-Tama, and the Chosen and Sorcerymon escape down a tunnel. The Chosen all get on a train, but Sorcerymon stays behind to hold the evil Hybids off. The Chosen escape, and Sorcerymon dies.

14. Thunder! Even Rock Breaks! Bolgmon's Do-or-Die Challenge
The Chosen Children continue escaping down the underground tunnel on a Trailmon. Bokomon puts Seraphimon's egg in his waist band. Eventually, the Trailmon drops the Chosen Children off into a big stone room with no exit, and begins to leave. Grottomon and Arbormon go down the tunnel that the train came back out of...A big spout of water hurts Junpei and Tomoki, and it turns out to be a Whamon trapped here when Grottomon blew up some land near the ocean. Grottomon appears and so does Arbormon. Arbormon uses Machine Gun Dance and holds off Agnimon and Wolfmon, and Grottomon makes a lot of Golemon. Agnimon and Wolfmon defeat a lot of Golemon, but are stopped by Machinegun Dance. Arbormon Slide Evolves into Petaldramon, who does nothing, and Whamon blasts Grottomon into the wall, and along with all the water, the Beast Spirit of Lightning came out of Whamon! Bolgmon kills Grottomon, takes his Spirit, Izumi gets her Spirit back, Petaldramon is buried under tons or rock, and Whamon takes the Chosen safely into the sea.

15. Squid Beast Evolution! Calmaramon
Ranamon talks some Toucanmon into doing whatever she wants for them, and they feed the Chosen Children and give them swimsuits and stuff. Everyone but Izumi changes immediately and goes swimming. However, Izumi has about five hundred swimsuits, and imagines herself in each one. She finally picks one, and begins taking off her clothes. But then, a shadow passes behind her, and she screams. The other Chosen come running, and see Izumi with nothing on. She screams again, slaps them, and then slams the door in there faces. After Izumi gets dressed, the Chosen notice that their D-Scanners are missing. (Except Izumi's.) The Toucanmon are gone. The Chosen put two and two together and figure out the Toucanmon stole them. Ranamon appears and attacks the Chosen, and Izumi Spirit Evolves into Fairymon. Ranamon finds her Beast Spirit and evolves into Calmaramon. The Toucanmon think Calmaramon is ugly and leave, dropping all their Ranamon ornaments. Calmaramon uses Titanic Charge and spins away.

16. Force is Useless! Beautiful Fighter Shutumon
The Chosen Children see the Toucanmon who stole their D-Scanners fly overhead and start off toward where they landed. The Chosen come upon some Gomamon who tell them about whirlpools around their island, which keep them from going home. The Gomamon make a raft for the Chosen Children, who for some reason think they can help. Of course, Ranamon appears on a big spout of water and attacks them. Izumi Spirit Evolves to Fairymon, but is beaten and thrown down into one of the whirlpools, where she devolves back into Izumi. Under the water, she finds she can breathe. Then, she sees the Beast Spirit of Wind. Izumi Spririt Evolves into Shutumon after the Spirit floats her out of the water, but she is still unable to defeat Ranamon, who has by now Slide Evolves into Calmaramon. However, Takuya, Tomoki, Kouji, and Junpei call Calmaramon ugly, which distracts her. Shutumon uses Wind Of Pain, and Calmaramon threatens to kill, them, and uses the most destructive attack ever known... Titanic Charge, which spins Calamaramon out of control off the horizon.

17. Blizzarmon, Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers!
We see Arbormon getting out from the bottom of the sea, and the Toucanmon holding a camera-like thing they traded for the D-Scanners. he Chosen Children eventually come to the same town, and begin asking around for their D-Scanners. They visit many different shops, and Junpei and Izumi get into an eating contest with some Digimon, and Izumi wins. Tomoki finds Datamon's shop, and plays a video game with him. Datamon opens a safe, which contains the D-Scanners. Tomoki says they're his, but Datamon says they are his. Datamon begins disassembling the D-Scanners, and Arbormon calls his shop, and learns he has the D-Scanners. Datamon tells him he can have the D-Scanners if Tomoki finds his camera thing and brings it to him. Tomoki finds the Toucanmon, and takes the camera-thing. The Toucanmon fall into water and can't swim and Tomoki helps them out. They steal the camera-thing back. Arbormon brings it with the Toucanmon to Datamon's shop, and demands the D-Scanners. Datamon looks in the camera-thing, and sees all that has happened. Arbormon Slide Evolves into Petaldramon, and destroys the shop. The Chosen arrive and and Datamon gives them the D-Scanners, witht he B Spirit added to Tomoki's. He evolves into Blizzarmon, and with Agnimon and Wolfmon's help is able to defeat Petaldramon...for now.

18. Choo, Choo! The Trailmon Race!
The Chosen Children get off a Trailmon into a town. There's some kind of festival or holiday, and there's going to be a race between most of the Trailmon. [The black colored Trailmon that appears in episode twenty-three is not present, but all other known ones are.] Apparently, some of the Trailmon need riders, and the team that wins gets a prize. All the Chosen get on Trailmon, and Neemon and Bokomon sit down in the stands. A Black Were Garurumon and a Doggymon get on the Trailmon the children arrived on. Junpei is in the lead for a while, but Doggymon's Trailmon catches up and Junpei evolves into Blitzmon. Junpei's train almost gets ahead again, but a Raremon gets in front of it, stopping the Trailmon and devolving Junpei. After lots of Spirit Evolving and explosions, Takuya's train and Doggymon's train go into a tunnel full of Demi Meramon. Doggymon causes Takuya's train to crash and leak gasoline, and a Demi Meramon sets everything to flames. Takuya turns into Vrirtamon, and pushes the train out of the tunnel. Passing Doggymon's train, and pretty much putting it out of the race with Flame Storm, Takuya and Worm win the race.

19. Rescue The Bugermon! The Pure Heart Of Tomoki!
Petaldramon is destroying a village. A Papa Burgermon comes out, and Petaldramon eats the burgers and kidnaps him, so he can eat more burgers whenever he wants. The Chosen Children arrive soon after, as anyone could've guessed, and Mama Burgermon tells them what happened to Papa Burgermon. Since Mama Burgermon is surviving on burgers Papa Burgermon cooks, the Chosen decide to have a cooking contest, and whoever wins cooks hamburgers until they get Papa Burgermon back. Takuya and Kouji can't pick what ingredients they want, but Izumi and Junpei seem to be doing ok. Tomoki accidentally drops some onions in oil, which he finds taste very good on a burger. They finish cooking, and Neemon and Bokomon judge the burgers. Tomoki wins. Tomoki, Izumi, and Junpei end up locked in Petaldramon's mansion with Papa Burgermon. They Spirit Evolve and break out, and Petaldramon comes. Everyone Slide Evolves to their Beast forms. They escape from the mansion and destroy it, leaving Petaldramon buried under the ruins. Mama Burger is happy to see Papa Burgermon, etc...
That night, Petaldramon crawls out from the ruins of the mansion and looks up at the moons of the Digital World...

20. Mystery Fighter Who Lies Hidden in the Darkness , Duskmon!
Mercuremon is on top of the evil Hyrbids castle, and looks at Seraphimon's data, proclaiming he can do everything with it. Duskmon hears him. The evil Hybrids gather near an altar-like thing, where Cherubimon appears in blue fire. Cherubimon is told why Grottomon isn't there, and all the evil Hybrids give the Digi-Code they've gathered to Cherubimon. Cherubimon asks where Seraphimon's data is, and Mercuremon is surprised and angry, wanting to keep his possession of Seraphimon's Digi-Code secret. Cherubimon goes ahead and lets him keep the data, for now. The Chosen Children arrive in the Dark Land, where their Trailmon throws them out. They see a sparkling thing in the distance, and decide to head for it. Meanwhile, Mercuremon asks why Duskmon never goes to battle. Duskmon decides that he will go to a battle, next chance he gets. The Chosen find some Pipismon, and Bokomon decides to make a book about the Dark land since there are good Digimon there. Arbormon appears and kills all the Pipismon, and scans their Digi-Code. Arbormon Slide Evolves into Petaldramon, and everyone evolves into their Beast forms. They fight, and Petaldramon is defeated, his Digi-Code scanned and Beast Spirit taken. Duskmon comes, and Arbormon is happy, because now he is safe from the Chosen. Duskmon kills Arbormon for having no Beast Spirit, and stands before the Chosen...

21. All Five Warriors Annihilated?! The Dreadful Power of Darkness!
The Chosen are forced to retreat from the battle with Duskmon, because he is too strong for them. They start a fire, and Kouji and Takuya argue about how to beat Duskmon. Suddenly, they hear a cry from the camp, where Duskmon has attacked. Tomoki, Junpei, and Izumi Spirit Evolve to their Beast Forms, and Kouji and Takuya evolve into Garmon and Agnimon, and head back to camp. Everyone attacks Duskmon, but it does nothing. Garmon junps into to save Agnimon, and he is badly injured and reverts to Kouji. Duskmon stands, momentarily stunned, saying "Kouji" over and over. Duskmon yells and uses some attack, which covers everyon in darkness. Takuya wakes up to find himself in front of a Black Trailmon. He gets inside, and sets off for the Real World.

22. To my Home! The Return of Just Takuya Alone!
Takuya arrives in the Real World, on the black Trailmon. He's in the same station he was in when he left for the Digital World. Suddenly, a cloud of darkness appears. It's apparently some kind of shadow Duskmon. Takuya, who was turned into Flamon right before he arrived, runs into the elevator. The doors shut, but Duskmon holds them open. Flamon screams, but he escapes. After encountering the shadow Duskmon again, he arrives outside his own house. He sees himself. It's the same day he left for the Digital World. He follows himself, and saves himself from being run over by the truck. Duskmon appears again, and Flamon escapes again and goes to the train station from whence he came. Takuya and Kouji go down the elevator, and a strange boy who looks like Kouji (It's Kouichi.) pounds on the shut elevator doors, and runs down the stairs. Halfway down, he trips on the stairs and falls...Flamon urges his other self to jump on Worm before it's to late, and he does so. Shadow Duskmon appears again, but Flamon attacks and defeats him. Suddenly, all the other Trailmon and children disappear, and the Black Trailmon appears. It takes him back to the Digital World, where he turns back into Takuya and then Agnimon. He arrives in the Dark Land.

23. Feel The Strength Of Digimon! Takuya's Brave Strategy
Agnimon, having just arrived back in the Digital World, runs off to find the rest of the Chosen Children. Kouji was also seperated from the rest of the Chosen, but not by as much. He hears their shouts and sets off the place where they are being held. Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki are chained up, and some Nanomon are trying to get the Spirits out of their D-Scanners. Ranamon "tortures" them by tickling them. Meanwhile, Agnimon is stopped by some heavy rain. He says something, and the rain goes away. Agnimon finds Neemon and Bokomon under attack by a Sepikmon. Agnimon saves them, and Sepikmon uses his boomerang to lead them to the place where Izumi and the others are being held. Kouji arrives, and Spirit Evolves into Wolfmon. He, Ranamon, and Mercuremon begin fighting. Wolfmon is badly injured. Agnimon somehow uses the power of the other good Spirits to influence the weather - the wind begins to blow, there's lightening in the sky, and it snows. Agnimon arrives, and he and Wolfmon release the other Chosen and their D-Scanners. Everyone Spirit Evolves, and Ranamon and Mercuremon are losing. Mercuremon teleports away, while Ranamon falls into their secret hideout.

24. Confrontation, Volcamon! Junpei, Fierce Fight with the Past
The Chosen walk on a path on the side of a cliff, when suddenly there is a small earthquake and the Chosen are all sucked into Sefirotmon. They look around for an exit, and Junpei is pushed into an eye-door. Junpei finds himself in what seems to be a seperate world (It's actually one of Sefirotmon's spheres), amid a lot of columns. A Volcamon attacks, and Junpei evolves into Blitzmon. Blitzmon manages to defeat the Volcamon, and a strange voice talks to him. Meanwhile, the Chosen are attacked by the hands that pushed Junpei into the eye door. Everyone evolves, and fights them off. Blitzmon tries to attack the shadow that is talking to him, but does not succeed. The ground begins to shake, and Blitzmon is pushed on top of a arena. His shadow comes out of the ground as a Black Blitzmon, and attacks. Suddenly, images of Izumi, Takuya, Kouji, and Tomoki appear and taunt Blitzmon. Blitzmon is defeated, but the real Chosen come through the eye-door, and Junpei evolves into Bolgmon. Bolgmon is able to defeat the Black Blitzmon, whoch had evolved into Black Bolgmon, but the pink hands appear again and push everyone into eye-doors.

25. Tomoki's Lonely Fight! Asuramon's Trap!
Tomoki is dreaming about one time before the Digital World trip. He wakes up in a fire world, with rivers of lava and things like that. Takuya and the others are all looking for each other in the rest of Sefirotmon's spheres. Tomoki is attacked by an Asuramon, and he us unable to evolve because of the attacks hitting so near him. Meanwhile, Neemon and Bokomon, who were not sucked into Sefirotmon, look at him. They see Tomoki in one of the spheres. Tomoki continues running from Asuramon, when suddenly the attacks stop and a cloaked figure asks him if he is ok. Tomoki says yes, and the cloaked figure introduces itself as...Asuramon. Kouji, in another sphere, hears a voice laughing. He evolves into Wolfmon and draws the owner of the voice out. It is Karatenmon, and it wants his Spirit. They fight, but Wolfmon is losing...until he Slide Evolves into Garmon, who easily defeats Karatenmon. He devolves, and a eye-gate appears. Kouji goes through it. Meanwhile, Tomoki is being forced to go up a hot mountain with Asuramon, instead of looking for the Chosen. Asuramon takes off his cloak, and Tomoki realizes it's the same Digimon that attacked him earlier. He Spirit Evolves into Chakmon, and manages to throw Asuramon into the lava. He comes back, and Chakmon Slide Evolves to Blizzarmon. Blizzarmon defeats Asuramon, and scans his Digi-Code. Tomoki falls out of Sefirotmon, and Neemon and Bokomon run to meet him.

26. Ranamon's Tenacity! Female Digimon Fight!
Ranamon is by a lake, when she sees a mirror in it. She goes up to it, and it turns out to be Mercuremon wanting to tell her something. He tells Ranamon she must take care of Izumi, who is in this sphere. Meanwhile, Izumi walks around in a forest looking for the other Chosen Children. Some Honey Beemon, who are members of Ranamon's fanclub, watch her. She remembers one time when she went on a camping trip, and some asked her to eat dinner with them. The Honey Beemon set a trap for her, but get caught in it themselves, and Fairymon frees them. They make more traps, get themselves caught in them, and Fairymon rescues them. Takuya, in another sphere, is attacked by a Parrotmon, who he easily defeats as Agnimon. The Honey Beemon give Izumi lots of food, and she goes to sleep. Ranamon gives one Honey Beemon an apple, that will make the eater remember bad memories, and tells it to give it to Izumi. When Izumi wakes up, he does, and she remembers the camping trip again, and how the people were mean to her. Ranamon comes along, and yells at her. Meanwhile, Junpei runs up to a tree, which turns out to be a Cherrymon. It attacks him, but he evolves to Blitzmon and deletes it. He then goes through an eye-door out of Sefirotmon. Izumi stops being corrupted by the apple, and evolves to Fairymon. They attack each other, and then both Slide Evolves. Shutumon is almost defeated, but the Honey Beemon hep her.Shutumon attacks Calamaramon twice with Wind Of Pain and Gilgamesh Slicer, which kills her. Izumi recives both Spirits of Water, and both her and the Honey Beemon escape from Sefirotmon.

27. Miracle of the Double Spirit! Beowulfmon's Birth!
Duskmon stands near Sefirotmon, and watches as the Chosen who have gotten out of it attempt to break back in, by evolving to Fairymon, Blitzmon, and Chakmon. They are stopped by a grid, which injures and devolves them. Duskmon leaps up, and passes through the grid...into the sphere that Kouji is in. Izumi comes up with the idea of trying to talk with Takuya and Kouji through their D-Scanners, and she succeeds in doing so. However, they are unable to contact Kouji. Kouji meets Duskmon, who grabs him and views his memories. This hurts Kouji badly, and when Duskmon sees him he seems to be in emotional pain, like he is trying to remember something. He looks at more of Kouji's memories. Meanwhile, Takuya is attacked by a Panjyamon, who he manages to defeat as Agnimon. Two eye-gates open up, and he goes not through the one that will lead him out, but the one to Kouji. Duskmon is in extreme emotional pain, and drops Kouji. Cherubimon appears to Duskmon, and "fixes" him up. Kouji Spirit Evolves to Wolfmon, but is unable to touch Duskmon. Strangely, back on the ground, Seraphimon's egg begins to shake, to everyones surprise...
Wolfmon Slide Evolves to Garmon, and uses Solar Laser, which Duskmon blocks. Duskmon then uses an attack that causes a red explosion, which devolves Garmon and seems to be killing Kouji. The attack fades away, and Duskmon raises his sword to slice Kouji in half. Suddenly, Seraphimon's egg starts glowing, and slides out of Bokomon's waist band. It shoots a beam of light into the sphere that Kouji's in, and he Double Spirit Evolves into Beowulfmon! Beowulfmon and Duskmon attack each other with their swords, but they are equal in power, and so their power surrounds them, and for a second they see each other. (Kouji sees Kouichi inside of Duskmon.) This surprises Kouji, and there is a massive explosion, which throws them both out of Sefirotmon...just as Agnimon arrives.

28. Takuya's Fusion Evolution! Ardhamon's Attack Explosion!
Agnimon ends up in the Steel Sphere in Sefirotmon, when Mercuremon appears. Agnimon tries to punch him, but Mercuremon goes into one of the many, many mirrors in the Steel Sphere. He forms a big hologram of himself, but Agnimon breaks all the mirrors making it disappear. Mercuremon goes through and eye-portal, and Agnimon follows him into the Sphere of Light, which is like a church. Mercuremon makes a chained up Seraphimon appear, and fuses with him, into Black Seraphimon. Agnimon gets the crap beat out of him, and Slide Evolves to Vritramon. One Seven Hells from Seraphimon devolves him back into Takuya. Black Seraphimon grabs Takuya by the face and summons a coffin to put him in. Outside Sefirotmon, Seraphimon's egg glows and sends out energy, which makes Takuya Double Spirit Evolve into Ardhamon. Black Seraphimon uses Seven Hells three times, but it does nothing. Ardhamon uses Brahma Sutra, and makes Black Seraphimon's Digi-Code appear. Ardhamon scans his Digi-Code, which goes back to Seraphimon's Digi-Egg. A slightly shaken Mercuremon runs to the Steel Sphere, which Ardhamon sets on fire. He then punches Mercuremon, killing him, and Ardhamon takes his Digi-Code and Spirit of Steel H. He then exits Sefirotmon and devolves into Takuya, who gets there just in time to see Seraphimon's Digi-Egg hatch into Patamon. Nobody notices what Sefirotmon does behind them....

29. Escape! The Changeable Sefirotmon!
Sefirotmon shrinks and goes into a sort of battle mode, and all the Chosen Spirit Evolve, except for Takuya, who Double Spirit Evolves, and Kouji, who is not there. Sefirotmon uses the Hybrids own attacks, and they learn it is because they used them inside of him. They attempt to attack Sefirotmon, but none of their attacks do any damage. They run into a tunnel, and Sefirotmon goes after them like a snake. They arrive in a large, dark cavern, where all the Chosen except Takuya are afraid of the dark. Takuya encourages them, and they control their fear. They attack Sefirotmon, and now each of them combines their attack with another Chosen. In this way they are able to hurt Sefirotmon, but they still are unable to defeat him. Suddenly, Ardhamon realizes the Darkness Sphere, which Sefirotmon has been protecting the whole time, is his weak spot. They all attack, and Ardhamon scans Sefirotmon's Digi-Code and takes the Spirit of Steel B.

30. Soaring! Dark Legendary Warrior Duskmon!
Beowulfmon is running, until he stops and starts shouting for Duskmon to come out. He sees Duskmon entering a...thing, and Beowulfmon jumps down from the cliff he is on to go after him. Once inside, they soon begin to fight, but they are fairly equal and do nothing to each other. Meanwhile, Blitzmon and Fairymon are flying around looking for Kouji, but they don't see anything. Patamon flies up, and all the Chosen Children follow him.
Cherubimon is watching the battle between Beowulfmon and Duskmon, and he seems very pleased. Until he finds out the other Chosen are coming. He goes off to stop them.
Patamon suddenly becomes frightened, and spikes fly up out of the ground, and fall down, trapping the Chosen.Back at the battle, Duskmon is starting to lose, when Cherubimon interferes and attacks Beowulfmon, and sends him to a different area. Cherubimon surrounds Duskmon, and is hidden from view...
The Chosen Children, back at the spike place, wake up, and try to get out by Spirit Evolving and Double Spirit Evolving. Ardhamon, Fairymon, Blitzmon, and Chakmon are unable to do anything to the spikes, when they notice Patamon...digging.
Cherubimon messes with Kouichi's mind, and shows him a chained up Beast Spirit of Darkness. Duskmon, now fully brainwashed again, takes it, and Slide Evolves into Velgmon, and goes to attack Beowulfmon. Velgmon shakes of all of Beowulfmon's attacks, and uses Zone Deleter, whch devolves Beowulfmon. The Chosen Children see the explosion, and go off into that direction, but they are too far away. Velgmon starts flying toward Kouji, meaning to kill him, but Opanimon's symbols suddenly appears on Kouji's D-Scanner, forming a beam, which strikes Velgmon.
Kouichi, who's been influenced by Opanimon now, is seen in his flashbacks with his grandmother, who tells him of Kouji. He remembers running after Kouji at the train station, and Opanimon's beam fades away.Velgmon flies away...

31. Sleeping in Darkness - The Trailmon Graveyard
Kouji finally meets up with the rest of the Chosen Children, and Patamon. Patamon jumps in his arms and says "Hello", and everyone explains it's Patamon that let him Double Spirit evolve. Kouji thanks him, and remembers Velgmon and Opanimon's words. He runs in the direction he thinks Velgmon is. Takuya goes after him, while Junpei decides that he and the others should go where Ophanimon told them too in the episode where Tomoki got his Beast Spirit. They end up at an apparent graveyard - there are old rusted metal husks of Trailmon everywhere. Junepi touches one lying on it's side, and it talks. Everyone is scared, until they see it is a Trailmon. This Trailmon is very, very old apparently, and thinks it is dying. The Chosen Children help it by cleaning it up and setting it back up, but eventually, everything starts breaking on it, and it looks like it's going to die. There's a red glow as the pieces of the Trailmon fall apart, and when it fades, the Chosen see a much, much younger Trailmon. Apparently, Trailmon go there to shed their skin, like snakes do. This makes the Chosen slightly angry, and they all evolve into Bolgmon, Shutumon, and Blizzarmon. When it tries to run away, Blizzarmon grabs it. Eventually, instead of attacking, they take a ride on it. The Angler-type Trailmon tell them that the five evil Hybrids sent something (or two somethings) to Cherubimon via himself, something important enough so that they all rode the Trailmon themselves. Ophanimon and Seraphimon are mentioned, and the episode ends...

32. The Revealed Past! Duskmon's Secret
Kouji is looking for Duskmon/Velgmon, and he hides from a sandstorm under a ledge. He thinks of what Ophanimon has said, and Duskmon. When the storm stops, he runs off, still looking for Duskmon/Velgmon. Takuya is looking for Kouji, and Neemon and Bokomon are looking for Patamon. The remaining Chosen try to contact Takuya and Kouji via their D-Scanners, but they are unsuccessful. Kouji finds Velgmon, and Double Spirit Evolves into Beowulfmon to fight him. Velgmon Slide Evolves into Duskmon, and they duel, as Duskmon tells Kouji his mother is still alive. Duskmon then devolves Beowulfmon with one attack, and Slide Evolves into Velgmon. Neemon and Bokomon find Patamon, who runs into Takuya. They then find Kouji, who Takuya saves from Zone Deleter. Patamon attacks Velgmon with ten or so Air Shots, whch succeed in doing...nothing. Takuya and Kouji Double Spirit Evolve into Ardhamon and Beowulfmon, and Velgmon fires Master Of Darkness at them. Beowulfmon blocks it with his sword-thing, and then reverses it. Ardhamon uses Brahma Shil, which severely injures Velgmon, and then Beowulfmon attacks. Velgmon's Digi-Code ring appears, and Wolfmon scans it, and takes the Spirits of Darkness. Kouichi falls to the ground...

33. The New Warriors of Darkness! Lowemon and Kaiser Leomon!
After Beowulfmon took Duskmon and Velgmon's digicode Kouichi is freed from Cherubimon's power over him.Takuya recognizes Kouichi back in ep. 22 when he was Flamon and went back to the past. He was the kid who was running after Kouji. Kouichi then goes into a flashback where he's next to his grandma who's in the hospital. She holds his hand and says something about Kouji. Kouichi then has another flashback where he's in the street and he sees Kouji walking the dog. (I mean... the dog's walking him) Kouji trips and falls. Yet another flashback happens. Kouichi is putting bandages on his mother's back. She walks away sounding content. It reshows the scene where Flamon sees Kouichi running. Kouichi is running down the many stairs, trips, and makes quite a fall. The only words to come out of his mouth is "Kouji". Then it shows a scene where Kouichi is standing in a dark dimension. It then shows puzzle-like pieces with pictures of his family. He's then pulled under ground to another area where we saw Cherubimon's face behind Kouichi. Cherubimon turns from a frown to an angry face and then a joyful looking face. And then a look of excitement. Cherubimon's face dissappears and fierce winds blow at Kouichi. He then sees the Human Spirit of Darkness in front of himself. Slowly Kouichi is corrupted by Cherubimon. Kouichi is screaming and evolves to Duskmon who is also screaming. Then he finally calms down. Kouichi has an evil smirk on his face. Cherubimon then puts dark energy all over Kouichi. The flashback ends. They are now on the train Angler and some talking happens. Kouichi's on a completely seperate car from the others. Angler stops and Bokomon feds him a chocalate bar. Everyone excepts Kouichi gets off the train. Kouji's inside the train station. Takuya goes inside and they talk. the others come and more talking. Switch scenes to Kouichi who sits in the car.

Eye Catch: Kouichi/Lowemon

Angler moves again. Patamon and Kouichi do some more talking... Patamon seems to sense Cherubimon (he was once Seraphimon afterall). A large earthquake happens and Angler bumps into none other than Cherubimon. The kids get out of the car and notice this is Cherubimon. Cherubimon slaps Angler to God knows where. Cherubimon then makes a grin bigger than life itself. Teeth showing and everything, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki Spirit Evolve to Shutumon, Blitzmon, and Blizzarmon. Then Takuya and Kouji Double Spirit evolve to Ardhamon and Beowulfmon. Blizzarmon throws his Tomahawks at Cherubimon but he repels them with his arm.Blitzmon uses Golden Thunder and Shutumon uses Wind of Pain. Still no effect. Ardhamon uses his multiple fireball attack and Beowulfmon does his missile attack. Still no effect. Cherubimon just smirks. Blizzarmon does a blizzard attack and throws his tomahawks up in the air. Blitzmon flies up and catches them. He fills the tomahawks with electricity and throw it at Cherubimon. The blizzard also hit as well. It pushes him back but that's it. He just fattens his stomach and sends the tomahawks going straight for Blitzmon. Ardhamon goes in the way and blocks the tomahawks. Ardhamon does the large fireball attack while Beowulfmon does a Zweidander. As you're probably thinking, no effect! Cherubimon just laughs. Cherubimon creates a cloud full of electricity. It constantly grows biggger and shoots bolts at the Digimon and Kouichi (who gets blocked from the attack by Beowulfmon). This attack is called Heaven's Judgement. All are devolved. Cherubimon and Kouichi talk a bit. Cherubimon then gets then really evil grin and tries to crush Kouichi. The Human Spirit of Darkness and the Beast Spirit of Darkness Kouji just captured from Velgmon and Duskmon last episode come out of his D-Scanner. The Human Spirit of Darkness turns into the L Spirit of Darkness. The Beast Spirit of Darkness turns into the K Spirit of darkness. They both go into Kouichi's D-Scanner. Kouichi uses the L Spirit of Darkness to evolve to evolve to the lion warrior, Lowemon.Lowemon starts to get more muscular and shoots a fire beam out of his stomach which not only pushes Cherubimon back, but it hurts him. He does it a second time, bur with some dark energy added. Cherubimon's exhausted from the force. Cherubimon makes a spear out of lightning aka Lightning Spear.The spear is about to hit Lowemon when he slide evolves to Kaiser Leomon. And bites the spear and then frigging walks on it oward Cherubimon.He shoots a black fireballs from his mouth. He then turns into a dark beam and breaks right through Cherubimon. Cherubimon then deletes. Kouichi knows that Cherubimon is not dead. In fact the CC hear Cherubimon's voice. Kouichi and the others talk. The head off to look for Ophanimon.

34. Decisive Battle! The Venus of Roses - Ophanimon's Rescue Strategy
The Chosen walk toward the Venus Rose, and all evolve into their H-Hybrid forms. Outside the entrance, two Phantomon attack, and seal all but Lowemon into little eyeball things. As they swoop in to chop up Lowemon, he moves quickly away/teleports, and they smash into each other. He then kills them and scans their Digi-Code, releasing the other Chosen. They enter the building, and black hands reach out to grab them. A bell rings, and the hands retreat, and Goatmon emerges. Goatmon brings them to Ophanimon, who is in the Cage of Light. They are unable to break her out of the cage, but Ophanimon tells them how everything came to be - the battle against Lucemon, and how Cherubimon turned evil. Apparently, long ago, all Three Great Angels met in the Forest Terminal, around a table, to discuss things. One day, Cherubimon became frustrated because Ophanimon and Seraphimon would not listen to him, and he teleported out of the Terminal, as Ophanimon and Seraphimon went out on a balcony to talk about things. Cherubimon essentially cried, and some Darkness came up and enveloped him, causing him to moan in pain, and tuning him into a viral Cherubimon. Sorcerymon alerted Seraphimon and Ophanimon to this, and Cherubimon then attacked the Terminal, and killed a massive army of Digimon. He then used Lightning Spear on Seraphimon, and Ophanimon caught him. Seraphimon was sealed up in the crystal that he was in during episode 13. Suddenly, Cherubimon's voice is heard, and the episode ends...

35. Turn the Spirits into One! Kouji and Takuya's Ultimate Evolution
Cherubimon picks up Goatmon by his horns, and then throws him to the ground and kills him. Lowemon attacks Cherubimon, but Cherubimon blocks it with his hands and it does nothing. Cherubimon picks Lowemon up, so Wolfmon and Agnimon devolve and then Double Spirit evolve into Beowulfmon and Ardhamon. Ardhamon uses Brahma Sutra to make Cherubimon drop Lowemon, but Lowemon is still hurt. Cherubimon then grabs Ardhamon, and Beowulfmon attacks to make Cherubimon drops Ardhamon. Ardhamon and Beowulfmon then jump up and push Cherubimon through the wall, while the others try to figure out how to release Ophanimon. Ardhamon and Beowulfmon attack Cherubimon in another room, but he retaliates and punches them into the ground. He punches them again, and uses a black energy attack, but they are still fine. Meanwhile, Blitzmon realizes that breaking the wall will stop the light from reflecting, and weaken the Cage of Light. Everyone begins breaking the wall, and Fairymon uses hits it with her...butt. That hurts her (Bokomon and Neemon cover their eyes), and she Slide Evolves into Shutumon. Wind of Pain does much better against the wall. Beowulfmon and Ardhamon continue attacking Cherubimon, who uses Lightening Spear to force them down and then devolve them. He takes their D-Scanners, saying the name of every Digimon formed by the Spirits inside of them. Spheres in the room of Spirits glow. Cherubimon sends Kouji and Takuya flying, and then he goes back to the room with the Cage of Light. Cherubimon takes care of Blitzmon right away, and takes Junpei's D-Scanner, and states the name of the Digimon formed from the Spirits inside it. More spheres glow, and Lowemon and Chakmon Slide Evolve into Kaiser Leomon and Blizzarmon. Blizzarmon knocks down Cherubimon and holds him there with his hair, while Shutumon tries to break the Cage of Light and fails. Cherubimon devolves Kaiser Leomon and Blizzarmon, taking their D-Scanners, and so on. Cherubimon goes after Shutumon, who dodges, making Cherubimon run into the Cage of Light. He fires a blast out of his mouth, which Shutumon dodges as well. An angry Cherubimon then readies Lightening Spear, and aims it carefully. He throws it, but Ophanimon is able to break out of the weakened Cage of Light and take most of it. Shutumon devolves, Cherubimon blows up lots of wall, and Ophanimon uses Eden's Javelin on Cherubimon which transforms him temporarily back into his true Vaccine form, which is in pain. Ophanimon tries to do it again, but an extremely angry Cherubimon blocks it. Ophanimon tosses her weapons away, and Cherubimon comes to her. She puts her hands on his forehead, and he reverts to his Vaccine version again. Cherubimon turns back into Virus, and suddenly realizes he doesn't have the D-Scanners. Ophanimon took them while he was a Vaccine, and throws them to the Chosen, who are transported to Takuya and Kouji. Cherubimon and Ophanimon attack each other, and the resulting blast injures Cherubimon badly...however, Ophanimon was killed. She speaks through the Chosens' D-Scanners, and Takuya's and Kouji's transform. Patamon watches Ophanimon's Digi-Tama float away, and the Chosen give the Evil Hybrids' Spirits to Takuya and Kouji, who then Hyper Spirit Evolve into Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon....

36. The Flight To Victory! Confrontation at Cherubimon's Castle
The Chosen hold up their D-Scanners, which shoot out beams of light. Kouji and Takuya Hyper Spirit Evolve into Magna Garurumon and Kaiser Greymon. A still confident Cherubimon uses Heaven's Judgement, which misses Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon, but nearly hits the other Chosen. Cherubimon then fires a mouth blast, and laughs, thinking he has suceeded in destroying Magna Garurumon...but Magna Garurumon emerges from the smoke, and is fine, to Cherubimon's surprise. Kaiser Greymon sets the other Chosen in a safer place, and rejoins Magna Garurumon. Cherubimon fires a Lightening Spear, which Magna Garurumon dodges. Cherubimon then fires a mouth blast, which both Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon dodge. Magna Garurumon and Kaiser Greymon begins attacking Cherubimon, Magna Garurumon with Machinegin Destroy and Kaiser Greymon fires his sword. Cherubimon is still unhurt, and Magna Garurumon practically sits on him and fires an attack, which knocks Cherubimon down through a wall. An extremely angry Cherubimon uses Heaven Judgement, and blows up the whole castle - except one room. Magna Garurumon and Kaiser Greymon use their primaries, finishing off the castle, and making Cherubimon run away. While Kaiser Greymon picks the other Chosen back up, Kouichi falls, but naturally Magna Garurumon saves him. A last explosion from the castle devolves Magna Garurumon and Kaiser Greymon. Later, the Chosen pick themselves up from the wreckage, and Kouichi, Izumi, Tomoki, and Junpei get their Spirits back. But unnoticed by the Chosen, a crack in the ground fills with ice and red eyes peer out from the ground...

Izumi "talks" Kouichi into talking with Kouji, and suddenly Patamon becomes frightened. The Chosen believe it is Cherubimon, until the ground beneath them freezes and Ice Devimon appears. A frightened Bokomon reads from his book and tells them this Ice Devimon was imprisoned for crimes against the Digital World, such as terrorizing Digimon, and what looks like...eating them. Eventually some good Digimon came along and tied him up and threw him in prison, but he was released by the destruction of the castle. Ice Devimon then proceeds to freeze Takuya's and Kouji's D-Scanners, and makes passes at Izumi. Izumi gets angry, and Junpei calls him a pervert. Kouichi, Junpei, Tomoki, and Izumi Spirit Evolve into Lowemon, Blitzmon, Chakmon, and Fairymon. Ice Devimon dodges Thor Hammer and Brezza Petalo, and he licks Chakmon when he tries to attack. Ice Decvimon then freezes everyone up to around chest level, but Chakmon and Lowemon escape. Chakmon and Lowemon Slide Evolve into Blizzarmon and Kaiser Leomon. Ice Devimon moves out of the way when Blizzarmon tries to slice him up, and Kaiser Leomon fires a minor blast that is promptly blocked. Ice Devimon grabs Takuya and Kouji, and puts them in a round, transparent globe. He knocks Blizzarmon and Kaiser Leomon aside, and has tentacles attack Takuya and Kouji inside the globe. Kouji pushes away Takuya and takes all of it. Kaiser Leomon becomes angry, and fires a blast at Ice Devimon's back. Ice Devimon turns around, and Kaiser Leomon breaks the globe. Ice Devimon makes a whirlwind for he and Kaiser Leomon to fight in, and he comes out on top. Blizzarmon releases Fairymon and Blitzmon, who Slide Evolve into Shutumon and Bolgmon. Shutumon and Blizzarmon create a whirlwind that freezes Ice Devimon and holds him still, and Bolgmon uses Field Destroyer. Ice Devimon is on the brink of death, and Kaiser Leomon finishes him off, Slide Evolves into Lowemon, and scans Ice Devimon's Digi-Code. Lowemon devolves, and all the ice melts away. Suddenly, a big wind comes, and the Chosen see the last remaining room of Cherubimon's castle. Inside, an unhurt Cherubimon laughs and continues gathering all the worlds Digi-Code...

37. Decisive Battle: Rescue the Digital World
The Chosen stand looking at the last room in Cherubimon's castle, and it glows. More Digi-Code comes to it, and the Digital World is seen once more with pieces missing. Bolgmon, Shutumon, and Blizzarmon devolve, so Takuya and Kouji can Hyper Spirit Evolve into Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon. Izumi, Kouichi, Junpei, Tomoki, Neemon, Bokomon, and Patamon watch Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon fly away. Cherubimon laughs in the Digi-Code, and picks up the ball of Digi-Code and kisses it. Cherubimon holds the Digi-Code in front of Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon, and puts it in his head. Purple energy surrounds him, and Magna Garurumon fires missles at him, which he dodges. Cherubimon uses Heaven's Judgement, which misses. He then uses Lightening Spear, which Kaiser Greymon deflects. Kaiser Greymon swings his sword around, and Cherubimon hides against a rock. Magna Garurumon blows up the rock, and Kaiser Greymon fires his sword, blowing only the lower half of Cherubimon's body off, despite the large explosion. But Cherubimon laughs, and regenerates due to the power of the Digi-Code. Cherubimon smacks Kaiser Greymon with rocks, and smashes the castle on both Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon. He then uses Thousand Spear, which hurts them badly. He uses Lightening Judgement too, and Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon fly up into it. Suddenly, Takuya is dreaming out laying in Izumi's lap, in a sunny forest, and Kouji and the other Chosen run by. He notices some birds in a tree which fly up, waking Kaiser Greymon up. He sees the he and Magna Garurumon are half dead, when Cherubimon picks them up and slams them into some rock. While Magna Garurumon and Kaiser Greymon formulate a plan, Cherubimon charges up a massive energy ball and throws it. Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon fly through it. Magna Garurumon flies in front of Kaiser Greymon, so he takes all of Cherubimon's Thousand Spear. Large chunks of his armor come off, and when he flies into Cherubimon charging up another Thousand Spear, he falls back down, but did manage to cancel out the attack. As he falls, he tells Takuya to go, and Kaiser Greymon flies up. Cherubimon's last Thousand Spear manages to miss Kaiser Greymon, who powers himself up and stabs Cherubimon in the head. Cherubimon screams, and Kaiser Greymon scans his Digi-Code. Cherubimon transforms back into his Vaccine forms, and smiles at the thought of Ophanimon and Seraphimon. He deletes, and his Digi-Tama floats away. Magna Garurumon devolves, and Kaiser Greymon devolves to carry Kouji back to the Chosen. But none of them notice the Digi-Code Cherubimon gathered flying down to the core of the Digital World, to Lucemon. Lucemon says that Cherubimon has done well, and now it is time for the Royal Knights. Lucemon no Theme plays, and Lucemon sends Digi-Tamas up to the surface, which form into Dynasmon and Rhodo Knightmon...

38- The Endless Death Match! Prelude of Lucemon's Revival/Resurrection

39- This is the Digital World? Escape from the moon!

40- The Chosen Ones? The Children who Manipulate Angemon!

41- Don't Let Them Scan! The Beanstalk of Friendship

42- Protect the DigiEggs! The Miracle of Disappearing Life

43- Annihilation of the Hometown! Messenger of Hell SkullSatamon

44- To Protect Gotsumon's Village - Kouji Fights Hard

45- The data operation! Defend Akiha Market

46- Annihilation of the Digital World!? Lucemon's Rule of Darkness

47- The Royal Knights Disperse - And then...!!

48- Turn Light and Darkness into One! Kouichi's Last Wish

49- Fight, Susanoomon - Lucemon Reaches the Human World

50- Go Beyond Time! The Beginning of a New Legend

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