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Digimon Savers"The story takes place in the near future. The existence of the Digital Monster has been confirmed by the discovery of the world inside the net, the Digital World. A leading researcher of the Digital World, Daimon Suguru, has made great efforts in beginning to understand the ecology of Digimon, and though they are rare, that there are evil Digimon. As a countermeasure against these Digimon, the government established the Digital World Special Investigation Corps, or DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad.) Professor Daimon's only son, Daimon Masaru, becomes a member of DATS, a scout, and along with Touma and Yoshino, opposes evil Digimon."

It seems, though, that there might be more to DATS than meets the eye. Furthermore, Daimon Suguru is said to have disappeared...what could have happened to him? Is DATS really hunting down evil Digimon only? What part will Masaru, Touma, and Yoshino play in all this?


Opening Theme
Title: Gou-ing! Going! My Soul!!
Artist: Dynamite SHU
Songwriter: Hiruma Tooru
Composer: POM
Arranger: Cher Watanabe

Ending Theme
Title: One Star
Artist: Ito Yousuke
Songwriter: Sakakibara Tomoko
Composer: POM
Arranger: Oono Hiroaki

Insert Song
Title: Believer
Artist: IKUO
Songwriter: Yamada Hiroshi
Composer/Arranger: Ohta Michihiko

Digimon Savers from May 2006 V-Jump.

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Digimon Savers
The new anime continues to air weekly in Japan.

Card Game Alpha Evolve.4

Digimon Savers: The Movie
December 9th.

Digimon Next
The chapters continue to appear monthly in V-Jump.

Digivice Burst
November 18th.

Digimon Story
The US version is set to appear later this year.

Digimon Mini Ver. 2
Japan. The latest V-Pet came out March 18th.

Japan. The newest Japanese card game set came out in early April.

Figue Cube Mini
Japan. The Digimon Figure Cube Minis came out late April.

Ultimate Genome
Japan. The fourth version of the Digimon Accelerator came out November 19th, in two colors - red and blue.

X-Evolution DVD
Japan. The DVD came out on November 25th, almost a year after the movie first aired.

Digimon Mini
Japan. November 23rd.

Digimon Next
Japan. The first Japanese Digimon manga since V-Tamer, Digimon Next came out in a recent issue of V-Jump.

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