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Note: The Frontier Chosen Children are not the original five Chosen Children that Gennai talks about in Adventure. Digimon Frontier exists in an entirely different universe than Digimon Adventure; it's a different Real World and a different Digital World.)

Takuya Kanbara
Takuya Kanbara
Takuya is the typical hot-headed leader of the Chosen Children. He possesses the Spirits of Fire, and evolves into Agnimon, Vritramon, Ardhamon, Kaiser Greymon, and Susanoomon during the course of the show. He lives in Shibuya, and has a little brother named Shinya.

Kouji Minamoto
Kouji Minamoto
Kouji was more often than not the loner of the group, until he met his brother Kouichi. He possesses the Spirits of Light, and evolves into Wolfmon, Garmon, Beowulmon, Magna Garurumon, and Susanoomon during the course of the show. He thinks before he acts, and retains a more realistic view of a given situation than Takuya.

Izumi Orimoto
Izumi Orimoto
Izumi says what she feels and has a bit of a strong personality. She has no siblings, and few friends. She evolves into Fairymon, Shutumon, and Susanoomon during the course of the show.

Junpei Shibiyama
Junpei Shibiyama
This boy is very knowledgable, but not very cool looking. He's the mood maker for the group! He ultimately fails going after Izumi. His evolves into Blitzmon, Bolgmon, and Susanoomon during the course of the show.

Tomoki Himi
Tomoki Himi
The youngest of the group, he's a crybaby. He came to the Digital World because he'd been bullied! His evolves to Chakmon, Blizzarmon, and Susanoomon during the course of the show.

Kouichi Kimura
Kouichi Kimura
Kouichi is Kouji's twin brother. They were seperated at birth, and he is brought to the Digital World by Cherubimon, who corrupts him. He evolves into Duskmon, Velgmon, Löwemon, and Kaiser Leomon.

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