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1. Adrift? Island of Adventuring!
The Chosen Children arrive in the Digital World and meet their Digimon, whom they evolve when a Kuwagamon attacks.

2. Explosion Evolution! Greymon
The Chosen Children enncounter an attacking Shellmon, and Agumon evolves into Greymon to defeat him.

3. Blue Wolf! Garurumon
When an island the Chosen are on turns out to be a Sea Dramon, Gabumon must evolve to save the day.

4. Incandescent! Birdramon
Piyomon evolves when a Black Gear infested Meramon attacks.

5. Electric Light! Kabuterimon
The Chosen Children happen upon a factory in the middle of a desert, where they find an Andromon infested with a Black Gear. Tentomon evolves into Kabuterimon to free him.

6. Palmon's Evolution of Anger!
. . .Palmon evolves to Togemon when the Chosen Children are attacked by Monzaemon.

7. A Roar! Ikkakumon
. . .Can you guess what happens in this episode? CAN YOU?! CAN YOU!?!?!

8. Messenger of Darkness, Devimon!
Devimon appears, beats up the Chosen Children, and breaks File Island into many pieces, scattering the Chosen and leaving them open to attack.

9. A Clash! The Frozen Digimon
Mojyamon and Frigimon are possessed by Black Gears, and when Frigimon is freed, he has to fight against Mojyamon, but Mojyamon too is freed.

10. Kentarumon, the Guardian!
Some of the Chosen Children meet Kentarumon, who guards the the temple of the Digi-Vice.

11. The Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon
A group of Bakemon want to eat the Chosen Children - but using a chant, they are able to weaken the Lord Bakemon so that their Digimon can defeat him.

12. An Adventure! Patamon and Me
Takeru and Patamon find themselves in the Village of Beginnings, where they play with the Baby Digimon. They find themselves confronted by an angry Elecmon, who does not like them bothering the babies. He and Patamon have several contests, but happiness does not stop inpending darkness . . .

13. Angemon Awakens!
Devimon attacks the reunited Chosen, but even together they cannot defeat him, because he absorbs an enormous number of Black Gears - and Ogremon. Leomon fights Ogremon, and Devimon begins going for Takeru because legend says the smallest will defeat him. Patamon evolves into Angemon, and kills Devimon, but uses all his energy in doing so - dying.

14. Depart, to a New Continent!
The Chosen Children depart on a raft made by all their friends on File Island for Server. But along the way, the raft is destroyed and a Whamon swallows them alive. They free him from the Black Gear controlling him, and he offers to bring them to Server. Along the way the Chosen Children find a store which has all of their Tags, which they take. Now, however, they need to find the Crests so the two can work together and evolve their Digimon to Perfect.

15. Etemon! An Evil Passageway
The Chosen Children meet Etemon, a strange Perfect level Digimon that's taken over a good part of Server. He treats them to a "concert" which devolves all of their Digimon, and he tries to kill them, but they escape through a strange tunnel containing Taichi's Crest of Courage.

16. Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon
Taichi attempts to give Agumon enough energy from him to evolve to Perfect by feeding him all the food they have. When Etemon appears with a pet Greymon, Taichi's Greymon and he fight. When things start looking bad for Taichi's Greymon, Taichi forces him to evolve, and because of that, he evolves into Skull Greymon. Skull Greymon kills the other Greymon and makes Etemon run away, but quickly runs out of energy and devolves into Koromon.

17. Cockatrimon, the Illusionary Ship Captain!
Cockatrimon sails a ship in the desert. The Chosen come upon him, and after some bath/towel scenes with Sora and Mimi (*drool*), and after Cockatrimon gets beaten up a bit, and flies into a cactus and sails off the horizon.

18. A Fairy! Piccolomon
The Chosen Children meet Piccolomon, who brings him to his secret place, concealed from all enemies. He gives training to the Chosen (i.e., cleaning his floors), and he really trains Taichi and Agumon to overcome their fear of evolving Agumon to Perfect.

19. Nanomon of the Labyrinth
Deep within a pyramid amidst the Server desert, Nanomon resides. He had once tried to defeat Etemon, but his calculations were off and he was severely damaged. He captures Sora and Piyomon, and tries to clone her so he can have the power of her Crest.

20. Perfect Evolution! MetalGreymon
The Chosen Children rescue Sora from Nanomon's chamber, and Greymon evolves into Metal Greymon, defeating an Etemon who had fused with the Dark Network after Nanomon attempted to kill him.
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21. The Great Clash of Koromon at Tokyo!
Taichi and Agumon were pulled through a portal after Etemon's defeat, and there they find themselves back on Earth, the same day the Chosen Children left. There are strange weather occurences all over the world being caused by Digimon, which are fading in and out of reality, although to normal humans they are not visible. Taichi visits Hikari, his sister, and returns to the Digital World.

22. The Whispering Little Devil Pico Devimon
The Chosen Children find a devious little Pico Devimon. *cough*Idontremembermuchfromthisep*cough*

23. Friends! WereGarurumon
Yamato and Jyou are being forced to work at Digitamamon's diner unfairly, but Gabumon evolves to Perfect and defeats Digitamamon, leaving Yamato and Jyou free to go.

24. An Overthrow! Atlur Kabuterimon
Koushiro is trapped in Vademon's pocket dimension, where he is brainwashed, making Tento de-evolve. But Koushiro remembers his Crest, and Motimon evolves into his Perfect, Atlur Kabuterimon, who defeats Vademon and destroys his pocket dimension.

25. The Sleeping Tyrant! Tonosama Gekomon
Mimi is living amongst the Gekomon who want her to awake their king, Tonosama Gekomon, and to do so she must sing a song. However, the Gekomon treat Mimi like a princess, and so she delays. In the end, when she finally awakens Tonosama Gekomon, he turns out to be not so nice, and he has to be defeated and put back to sleep.

26. Shining Wings! Garudamon
Vamdemon, yet another dark overlord of Digimon, flies across the Digital World in his carriage pulled by Devidramon and reveals himelf to the Chosen Children. The Chosen Children stand no chance, but Piyomon evolves into her Perfect form of Garudamon and carries the Chosen Children to safety. However, that's not the last of Vamdemon...

27. The Dark Castle, Vamdemon
The Chosen Children attempt to infiltrate Vamdemon's castle, and they learn that Vamdemon intends to go to the Real World and conquer it.

28. Pursuit! Urgently to Japan
Vamdemon has used the Key Cards to open a Digital Gate to the Real World, and he and countless minions have arrived there. The Chosen Children were held off by Devidramon, and they visit Gennai and he tells them they too must use the Key Cards and open a gate, and that there is an eighth Chosen Child. With lucky, Taichi is able to open the gate, and the Chosen Children proceed to the Real World.

29. The Great Clash of Mammon at Hikarigaoka!
Garudamon, in a battle similiar to the one that took place several years ago between a Parrotmon and Greymon, defeats some Mammon, servants of Vamdemon.

30. The Great Crossing of Digimons at Tokyo
The Chosen Children attempt to return to their homes by hitchhiking, but another of Vamdemon's servants, Gesomon, interferes.

31. Raremon! The Tokyo Bay Sudden Attack
The Yagami's cat takes Hikari's Digivice, and runs off with it, and Koushiro, Raremon and Picodevimon proceed in pursuit - but a crow runs off with it, and no one finds it.

32. The Heated Tokyo Tower! DeathMeramon
The Chosen Children and Vamdemon alike continue searching for the Eighth Chosen Child, who unbeknownst to them is Hikari, Taichi's sister. Tailmon, one of Vamdemon's servants, becomes interested in the girl, and spies on her.

33. Pump and Gotsu are Shibuya Type Digimon
Pumpmon and Gotsumon, two of Vamdemon's less loyal servants, are enjoying themselves in Shibuya. Yamato and Takeru run into them, but do not harm them seeing as how they are not truly evil. Vamdemon appears and kills them for not searching for the Eighth Child, but Angemon and Were Garurumon engage him in battle. Although Vamdemon is strongest at night, he flees - the time had not yet come.

34. A Bond of Destiny! Tailmon
Wizarmon recovers the eighth Digivice, and realises Tailmon and Hikari are partners. Along with Tailmon, he attempts to steal the Crest of Light from Vamdemon, but Vamdemon appears, and laughs, saying that what Wizarmon stole was only a fake, and that he carried the real one around himself. He then beats up Wizarmon and throws him into the water, and he captures Tailmon.

35. The Fairy of O-daiba! Lilymon Blossoms
Vamdemon creates a massive, inpenetrable fog bank around the city, and then he attempts to capture all of the population, as to determine which one is the eighth Chosen Child - Tailmon will not tell him. Mimi's Crest activates, and evolves Togemon into Lilymon to stop a Dark Tyranomon, who was in turn trying to stop the people from escaping...but Lilymon is stricken down by the power of Vamdemon.

36. The Barrier Breakthrough! Zudomon Spark
Vamdemon continues trying to find the eighth Chosen Child with Tailmon, and Hikari gives herself up to save the rest of the people. Ikkakumon evolves into Zudomon to save Jyou and Takeru from Mega Seadramon, another of Vamdemon's minions.

37. All Perfect Digimon Attack! The Twinkling Angewomon
Vamdemon attempts to kill Hikari and Tailmon, but Wizarmon leaps in the way and dies. Metal Greymon, Were Garurumon, Garudamon, Zudomon, Lilymon, Angemon, Atlur Kabuterimon fight Vamdemon, and Tailmon evolves with the Crest of Light into Angewomon. Angewomon harnesses the power of all the other Digimon to power up her Holy Arrow, which kills Vamdemon.

38. Revival! The Demon Lord Venom Vamdemon
But even with Vamdemon's defeat, the fog bank has not dissipated, and the people in the convention center are not back to normal. Vamdemon returns to life as the Final level Venom Vamdemon, and none of the Chosen Children can defeat him! Gennai unearths an ancient prophecy that allows Agumon and Gabumon to Warp Evolve.

39. The Two Great Ultimate Evolutions! Destroy the Darkness!!
Agumon and Gabumon warp evolve into War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, respectively, but not even they are enough to defeat Venom Vamdemon. When all the Chosen attack at once, War Greymon is able to rip through his body, revealing his true form. The Crests hold Venom Vamdemon down while War Greymon uses Gaia Force to delete Vamdemon once and for all. This season, anyway. As the fogbank clears, and the sky is visible, the Chosen find it ain't the way it used to be - the Digital World can be seen in the sky, and the Chosen Children go back once again.

40. The Four Kings of Demon Mountain! Dark Masters
The Chosen Children return to find the Dark Masters - Metal Seadramon, Pinnochimon, Mugen Dramon, Piemon, all Final level - in control of the Digital World. They have reformatted it, and sealed away the Holy Beasts. After recieving a beating from every Dark Master, Piximon sacrifices himself to let the Chosen Children escape.

41. The Violent King of Sea! MetalSeadramon
The Chosen Children flee from an attack by a Shellmon, but are trapped by a minion of Metal Seadramon, Scorpiomon. The children defeat Scorpiomon and flee into the ocean, pursued by Metal Seadramon.

42. Whamon of the Silent Ocean Floor
Whamon saved the Chosen Children from Metal Seadramon and his minions, but Metal Seadramon soon finds them anyway. War Greymon attempts to do battle with Metal Seadramon, but he is losing - until Whamon sacrifices himself so War Greymon can use his Dramon Killers and rip Metal Seadramon to shreds.

43. A Dangerous Game! Pinocchimon
The Chosen Children are trapped into playing very dangerous games with Pinnocchimon and his minions, some of which are killed.

44. Jureimon of the Forest of Perplexity
As the other Chosen Children battle Garbagemon, minions of Pinocchimon, Yamato wanders off into Jureimon's forest, where his is corrupted by Jureimon, a Perfect level Digimon. Yamato then challenges Taichi to battle.

45. The Clash of Ultimates! WarGreymon VS MetalGarurumon
War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, Yamato, and Taichi fight, but they are interrupted by an enigmatic entity from the Digital World's past - perhaps some temporary personification of the powers of light. It possesses Hikari, and shows everyone the events that led up to the creation of the Chosen Children, why the Tags and Crests (and Tailmon) were scattered, and the part Gennai played in the history of the Digital World. After it leaves, Mimi, Jyou, and Yamato decide to leave the group.

46. Metal Etemon Strikes Back
Metal Etemon, the evolution of Etemon, flies down from the sky in a giant meteor, destroying several Woodmon. He had also been blown throught he spacial rift Taichi and Agumon were, but he was blown into Digital World space, and has been coming back for the thousands of years they were gone. Metal Etemon attacks Mimi, Jyou, and Ogremon, while the other Chosen Children, except Yamato, sneak into Pinocchimon's mansion.

47. Wind! Light! SaberLeomon
The Chosen Children meet Saber Leomon, who battles with Metal Etemon. With the help of Zudomon, he is able to defeat Metal Etemon, but at the cost of his won life. Before he dies, he makes peace with Ogremon, his old rival. Meanwhile, Yamato and Metal Garurumon kill Pinocchimon, who realises that he had no true friends before he deletes...

48. The Command of Bombardment! Mugendramon
The Chosen Children arrive in Mugen Dramon's city, seeking medicine for the sick Hikari. Mugen Dramon sends his troops after them, but even decimating most of the city isn't enough. Mugen Dramon arrives himself and implodes the building they were hiding in, sending then plummeting into the sewers.

49. Farewell, Numemon
The Chosen Children reunite, free Numemon, defeat Waru Monzaemon, one of Mugen Dramon's minions, and find Andromon. Mugen Dramon arrives, and decimates them all, and as all seems lost the Numemon attempts to save them, but are deleted. Hikari's light evolves Agumon to War Greymon, whose Dramon Killers rip right through Mugen Dramon.

50. The Battle between Women! LadyDevimon
Piemon sends his servant Lady Devimon to fight he Chosen Children, while Sora and Takeru set off to find Yamato, Jyou, and Mimi.

51. The Clown of Hell! Piemon
War Greymon holds Piemon off until everyone but Mimi arrives, and the Crest of Friendship heals his injuries as they prepare to face the last Dark Master together.

52. The Holy Swordsman, Holy Angemon
Piemon turns everyone into keychains, except for Takeru, Hikari, and Angemon. Angemon holds off Piemon, hoping he can let Hikari and Takeru escape, but Trump Sword and two Clown Tricks sends him hurtling toward the ground. As Piemon cuts the rope holding Takeru and Hikari, he evolves Angemon to Holy Angemon! Holy Angemon saves Takeru and Hikari, smacks Piemon around, and gets the keychains, restoring them to their normal forms. Piemon calls upon his army of Evilmon, but Mimi arrives with an army of the Chosen Children's friends, and Holy Angemon's Heaven's Gate sucks in all of the Evilmon. Piemon is thrown into the gate by Metal Garurumon and War Greymon, and it closes behind him...but the battle is not yet over. There's another evil Digimon who created the Dark Masters...

53. The Final Dark Digimon
The Chosen Children learn that Apocalymon can use any attack from a villain they've already defeated, and he easily devolves their Digimon with his own attack. He deletes the Tags and Crests, and then the Chosen Children and their Digimon. In Digimon Limbo, where data waits to be reconfigured, they realise the power was not in the Crests, but in themselves - the Crests jsut helped them believe. They evolve their Digimon and prepare to face Apocalymon again.

54. A New World
The Chosen Children will themselves to un-delete, and they confront a shocked Apocalymon. Working together, they counter his attacks as the two Final Digimon, War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, head for his actual body and delete him. His remains will not allow the Digital World to be restored to happiness, and so he uses Grand Death Big Bang, which will completely destroy what remains of the Digital World and the real world...but the light of the Digivices contain the attack, and the Digital World begins to be reformatted into it's original form. The Chosen Children must bid farewell to their Digimon and leave the Digital World, but the feel like they'll see it again.

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