Digital Monster X-Evolution


The storyline of Digital Monster X-Evolution (a movie) is based upon that of Digimon Chronicle. However, unlike Digimon Chronicle, there are no humans in Digital Monster X-Evolution, and some minor things have changed. The summary of X-Evolution is as follows:

A virtual world called the "Digital World" was created by computer networks. The "Digital Monster", a kind of digital life-form, was created, and the host computer of the Digital WOrld, Yggdrasil, oversees and manages the Digital World. However, the number of Digimon grew too great for Yggdrasil to handle, and the Digital Hazard seemed imminent. So Yggdrasil began "Project Ark", which involved using the feared X-Program to delete all the Digimon Yggdrasil had no plans for, and then creating a new Digital World for the few, the greatest crisis ever approaches the Digital World!

War Greymon X, Omegamon, Dukemon, and DORUmon.

Dukemon and Omegamon preparing to fight.
Two different Digimon confront each intense battle begins!

A picture of DORUmon, showing the quality of the CG animation.
The animation quality is so good, you can see the individual hairs on Digimon moving.

Leomon confronts DORUmon, presumably to gain the X-Antibody himself.
DORUmon's life is threatened by Leomon...why!?

DORUmon, the legendary hero Digimon. Within him is the X-Antibody, a program that makes him immune to the X Program. His birth is mysterious, and it seems that within DORUmon is the fate of the Digital World...

Dukemon, one of the Royal Knights serving Yggdrasil.
Although he is one of the Royal Knights, he questions the host computer Yggdrasil and its actions. Will he take the side of the Royal Knights, or Digimon in this matter...?

Omegamon, one of the Royal Knights serving Yggdrasil.
The strongest of the Royal Knights, Omegamon is proud of his fearsome fighting ability. He carries out Project Ark according to Yggdrasil's will, and wields his sword for justice and his beliefs.

Hanumon, Tokomon, Blossomon, and Andromon, Digimon doomed by Yggdrasil's X-Program.
Hanumon, Tokomon, Blossomon, and Andromon are some of the Digimon living in the Digital World that Yggdrasil controls. They also have the clear will to live, in the Digital World where Project Ark was executed...

Translation of press release on GameWatch by Megchan:

Bandai to Start New "Digital Monster" Project Developing a Full Length CG Anime and Game Soft for 2005.

Bandai has announced a new project with their "Digital Monster" characters. At the project's core will be "Digital Monster X-evolution", a new anime released in 2005. [Megchan later commented that it seemed more like a movie.]

"Digital Monster X-evolution" is a full length animation done entirely in CG. The creators include Kakudou Hiroyuki (director of the TV series "Digimon Adventure" and "Digimon Adventure 02") as director, and Itou Kazunori, who worked on "Gamera" and ".hack", and Kawasaki Miwa, who was in charge of the novelization of ".hack" and the script for "Air Master", as scriptwriters. Done entirely in CG, it will concentrate on the "digital" part of "Digimon".

Along with this new animation, there will be new games, cards, figures, etc. Nothing concrete has been revealed yet about these products, but a game based on "X-evolution" will likely be released sometime in 2005.

"Digital Monster" was originally introduced by Bandai as a type of "fighting Tamagotchi" handheld game. The first of these handheld games was introduced in 1997 and soon became a hit, selling 13 million units nationwide as of March 2004, and over a million units overseas.

Important notes from the first Bandai of Japan press release:

Digimon Battle Chronicle Bonus Disc

On the Digimon Battle Chronicle Bonus Disc was a brief preview of the X-Evolution movie. The audio track seems not to have been created yet, but we did get a good look the movie itself. There was a trailer from which these screenshots were taken.

Mushroomon attacking.
DORUmon attacking.
DORUmon's attack.
Leomon countering.
Leomon's sword.
Do you want to die?
We are equally matched...
Digimon that don't want to be deleted.

CNN and Imagi originally announced that the movie would be 80.5 minutes in length, but later, V-Jump said that it would be 75 minutes long. X-Evolution aired on the Japanese FujiTV on January 3rd, 2005, from 0700 to 0830.

Full Summary
The movie opens with DORUmon fleeing from an unseen enemy. He trips and falls down, and we see Leomon running toward him. DORUmon gets back up and runs some more, but it's no good - there's a sheer rock face ahead of him. Leomon catches up and slices through a tree with his sword, and then DORUmon uses Metal Cannon, but Leomon slices through the metal ball and is unharmed. Then he uses a lot, lot more Metal Cannons, and Leomon uses a new attack, Hyaku Juuken (Hundred Beast Fist), and where DORUmon's and Leomon's attacks meet there is a large explosion. DORUmon is blown a little ways off, and Leomon walks over and draws his sword and suddenly, instead of killing DORUmon, plunges his sword into the ground. Leomon asks DORUmon if he wants to survive . . .but Leomon says that even if he obtains DORUmon's X Antibody, now he won't survive. Leomon asks DORUmon to live in this new world for him, and to suceed for the sake of the future of Digimon, and collapses. He says he's sorry for leaving DORUmon alone, and (presumably) dies. DORUmon screams.

Then we have the title screen: Digital Monster X-Evolution..

We then see a beautiful green field with...plateaus, and stuff. Three Mushroomon are here, telling DORUmon to leave and go away. They believe that the world has become unstable because of DORUmon, and say Andromon told him so. Then they begin attacking him, and DORUmon jumps into a stream and swims away. Or is carried away by the current, if you like. DORUmon gets out that evening and cries and wonders why he is here..

Then, we Dukemon and Omegamon speaking. talking about executing Project Ark. Dukemon wonders if they are making a mistake, and Yggdrasil is wrong to kill so many Digimon. Omegamon is clearly on the side of Yggdrasil, but Dukemon wonders what makes the Digimon so different from the Royal Knights . . ..

In weird rocky place, Andromon, Blossomon, Hanumon, and Tokomon, confront War Greymon X, Garudamon X, and Kokuwamon X. Well, Tokomon doesn't really confront anyone, but he's there. War Greymon X begs the Digimon to listen to him, that they don't have time to fight, because all Digimon are going to be destroyed. Blossomon tells him that they were the ones who brought the problem here in the first place. But Garudamon X says it's true, so many Digimon died . . .they had no choice but to take in the X Antibody and escape here. War Greymon X plunges his Dramon Killer into the ground and makes a big crack. He says this isn't the time to be fighting, that Yggdrasil is the one seeking to eliminate Digimon with his X Program. Hanumon says it's a lie, and War Greymon X says Yggdrasil is their enemy. Andromon laughs and says it's an interesting story, but it's the end - he's reported everything to Yggdrasil. War Greymon tells everyone to run, and they see Omegamon at the top of a cliff. He raises his Garuru Cannon as the X Digimon flee, and War Greymon X leaps up and attacks Omegamon, but he's hit by Garuru Cannon, and Omegamon kills Kokuwamon X. He aims the cannon at Garudamon X, and she tries to defend herself with Great Spirit (a new attack), but as she attacks she is killed by Garuru Cannon, and Omegamon simply knocks Great Spirit aside..

Then, Omegamon steps toward the regular, non-X Digimon and starts to attack then, but War Greymon X interrupts him again, and protects Tokomon from Garuru Cannon. The other Digimon, however, are killed in the attack. Adromon still survives, badly damaged, and he smiles for a moment and laughs sadly, and collapses. War Greymon X thens ees Omegamon charging another Garuru Cannon, and the camera moves to DORUmon, who is not far away. He wakes up and goes outside of the little building he's in, and finds Tokomon and War Greymon X, who is badly injured. War Greymon X recognizes DORUmon as a Digimon with the X Antibody, and asks him to protect Tokomon. Tokomon leaps on DORUmon and bites his tail, and War Greymon X flies away, and DORUmon sees Omegamon fly after him..

War Greymon X and Omegamon are flying over the sea, so low water is spraying everywhere Omegamon uses Garuru Cannon and creates a huge wave of water, but War Gremon X uses a new attack, Poseidon Force, and Omegamon attacks again, and well, water goes everywhere. When it all falls back into the sea, War Greymon X is nowhere to be found, and suddenly Omegamon gets a message from Dukemon. Omegamon leaves, and Magnamon, Omegamon, and Omegamon speak together in a weird data-place, where 1s and 0s fly everywhere. They talk about Yggdrasil and Project Ark again, and Omegamon says Yggdrasil cannot be questioned..

War Greymon X escapes to a nearby cave where a Metal Garurumon X is, and War Greymon X says the Royal Knights are as strong as he expected, but Metal Garurumon X wonders if the Royal Knights are really their enemy. He says he wants to believe in the Royal Knights, and he won't fight them until he finds out why they are doing what they're doing..

Meanwhile, DORUmon and Tokomon wander around, and they see Omrgamon obliteratng a huge stampede (and flock) of Digimon. Omegamon descends, looking for survivors, and stomps on a wounded Triceramon. DORUmon looks away, and Omegamon turns to leave at first . . .but suddenly he spies DORUmon and Tokomon. DORUmon attacks with Metal Cannon, and Omegamon slaps him aside. DORUmon leaps at Omegamon, is smacked aside, wash, rinse, and repeat maybe a dozen times. Tokomon starts attacking too. Omegamon wonders why they are attacking him, and extends Grey Sword. He prepares to kill them, when suddenly Metal Garurumon X appears and attacks Omegamon with Garuru Tomahawk. War Greymon X is with him, and Metal Garurumon asks if this if the Royal Knights justice. Omegamon says it is Yggdrasil's New Digital World justice. Metal Garurumon attacks with Garuru Burst, but Omegamon X dodges, and Omegamon attacks with Garurumon Cannon - and the second one hits, War Greymon X then uses Gaia Force, but it doesn't hurt Omegamon. Metal Garurumon X uses Coctyus Breath, but Omegaon defends himself. Omegamon says they fought well, but this is the end. Omegamon uses Grey Sword, and it looks like it's heading for Tokomon and DORUmon - DORUmon says Tokomon is dead already..

...But, Metal GarurumonX leaped in the way of the attack to protect DORUmon. He is very badly injured, and gives his X Antibody to Tokomon, and tells DORUmont o live for him. DORUmon is reminded of Leomon, and Tokomon X Evolves into Tokomon X as Metal Garurumon X dies. DORUmon screams, and evolves into DORUgamon. He attacks Omegamon with Power Metal, but it doesn't do much. Omegamon asks DORUgamon why he continues to fight, and DORUmon says because he wants to live. War Greymon X gets up, and Omegamon flies toward him and DORUgamon, but suddenly a lance lands right in front of Omegamon . . ..

And it's Dukemon. Dukemon says that Omegamon lost, and that he has no intention of fighting Omegamon. Instead, he wants Omegamon to hear him out, and asks if Omegamon wants to know why the X Program was executed. Dukemon says something like it was executed simply because there were too many Digimon. Omegamon knew this; and he knows that they planned to attack the non-X Digimon while pretending that was all they were going to do. Dukemon says that the surviving Digimon and the chosen Digimon are the same. They argue some, about Prject Ark and betraying Yggdrasil, and fly up into the sky, above the clouds. Omegamon and Dukemon get into a fight, and charge at each other, and there's explosions from their swords clashing, presumably. Suddenly, we see Dukemon with Omegamon's sword through his chest. He deletes..

Magnamon and Omegamon speak in their little world, and then Magnamon goes out and captures Tokomon and DORUgamon in little nets. Magnamon moves to kill Tokomon, but DORUgamon sues Power Metal and breaks out and saves Tokomon. Magnamon takes DORUgamon away, into the weird Royal Knight world with Omegamon. Magnamon and Omegamon speak, and it's clear that Magnamon is on Yggdrasil's side. DORUgamon's body is transformed into data and splits into two parts and is sent off. Tokomon X finds War Greymon X, and he asks why DORUgamon isn't with him, and if the Royal Knights did something. Tokomon X cries, and War Greymon X tries to comfort him..

Then we see a junkyard like place with a Wizarmon and Mummymon, and they find DORUgamon under a bunch of junk and try to help him. Meanwhile, we see the other half of DORUgamon's data, and EVIL MUSIC PLAYS. Then back to Mummymon, Wizarmon, and now Silphymon, and they say War Greymon X has contacted them, telling them who DORUgamon is. They are reluctant to keep DORUgamon, knowing that the Royal Knights would attack, but they trust War Greymon X..

...And then, we see Death-X DORUghoramon in a huge void with lots and lots of red Digitamas are that are shaking. Death-X DORUgremon burst out of them, and meanwhile War Greymon X and Tokomon X head for DORUgamon, and they see a HUGE SWARM of Death-X DORUgremon. They appear near the caves that hold DORUgamon, and one eats a Mushroomon. The other Digimon hear them, and try to attack, but it doesn't seem to do much. Many Digimon evacuate, and Metal Garurumon X appears and attacks some of the Death-X DORUgremon. Metal Garurumon X attacks and tells Silphymon to run, and kills a few Death-X DORUgremon. War Greymon X finally arrives, with Tokomon X, and stands above a huge crowd of Death-X DORUgremon. This was the exit to the cave the Digimon were trying to evacuate from, unfortunately. .

War Greymon X therefore flies down and starts attacking as DORUgremon start running through the cave from the other end. Mummymon prepares to attack any comers, and almost shoots SIlphymon and Hanumon. War Greymon X kills more Death-X DORUgremon, and the Digimon try to help him. Metal Garurumon X reaches the other end of the tunnel, and Mummymon shoots him - and misses, hitting the ceiling of the cave and collapsing it so the Death-X DORUgremon can't get through. Meanwhile, Mushroomon attack Death-X DORUgremon and get stomped on, Wizarmon leaps off the cliff while using Thunder Cloud, and War Greymon X has to protect Tokomon X because he's a danger magnet. Metal Garurumon X helps War Greymon X, who uses Poseidon Force again. Mimmymon shoots Death-X DORUgremon, and Tokomon X runs into DORUgamon. Tokomon X finally wakes him up, and DORUgamon seems all the carnage and tells them all to stop, and evolves into DORUgremon. Some Digimon think DORUgremon is an enemy at first, and he looks at his reflection in the water and is shocked. DORUgremon flies back over and...does nothing., really. Except get beaten up. DORugremon remembers fighting hard against Omegamon, and Tokomon X says he's the same and jumps on him, and more Death -X DORUgremon come... .

Magnamon and Omegamon are looking on, and Omegamon believes that this is the moment that Royal Knights' part of Project Ark begins. Omegamon walks off and Magnamon tells him to wait, but he ignores him . . .nad back at the scene of the battle, Dukemon returns as Dukemon X and uses Final Elysian on the Death-X DORUgremon. War GreymonX takes Tokomon X from DORUgremon, and Dukemon X extends his lance and uses Royal Saber as a beam sword of sorts. The other Digimon begin running for safety. Dukemon X tells DORUgremon to go to Yggdrasil . . .that's where he can find out who he is. Even Dukemon X doesn't have all the answers. Dukemon X opens a portal, and DORUgremon flies into it. .

Magnamon and Omegamon are talking about something - Magnamon says it's futile and asks Omegamon if he's going to leave Yggdrasil, and Omegamon says something about loyalty to Yggdrasil, and says he doesn't want to hear Magnamon's selfish thoughts anyway, and Magnamon wants to know what's causing all this chaos then...and then DORUgremon appears. Magnamon asks DORugremohn why he is there, and tell him this is not a place for him. DORUgremon says that Dukemon opened the road, and that he's seeking answers. He says he wants so see Yggdrasil . . .and Omegamon and DORugremon begin fighting. DORUgremon of course, is getting soudnly thrashed, but DORUgremon says Omegamon is not the one he should be fighting. Omegamon slices off wings. DORUgremon says he doesn't know who he should fight, but he'll learn when he goes to Yggdrasil. .

Omegamon prepares to kill DORugremon, since he cannot allow him to see Yggdrasil, and DORUgremon evolves into Alphamon. Omegamon and Magnamon seem to recognize Alphamon (Omegamon: You are...! Magnamon: It can't be!) but he still feels the need to tell them his name anyway. Omegamon and Alphamon begin leaving for Yggdrasil, and Magnamon tries to stop them. Alphamon and Omegamon simply walk past him. .

The Digital World starts deleting very rapidly. Alphamon and Omegamon run into Death-X DORUghoramon, and Omegamon demands to know who he is. Death-X DORUghoramon doesn't tell him, and Omegamon attacks, gets beaten up, and Alphamon uses Digitalize of Soul. Death-X DORUghoramon disappears. The two Royal Knights go into Yggdrasil's chamber and try to speak with him, but he is silent. They stand before Yggdrasil, and prepare to attack him, but suddenly Death-X DORUgremon burst through the walls, and Death-X-mon reappears (he was Death-X DORUghoramon before) and grabs Omegamon. Alphamon summons the Kyuukyoku Senjin Ou Ryuu Ken (Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword), and uses it to force him to release Omegamon. Alphamon stands for a moment, and Death-X-mon laughs. Then Alphamon throws his sword back, charges toward Death-X-mon, and has his sword impale him and Death-X-mon. They land on Yggdrasil. Alphamon offers Omegamon his X Antobody, and says that Death-X-mon is his shadow. Omegamon accepts the X Antibody, and Death-Xmon and Alphamon disappear, and are replaced by DORUmon. Omegamon shouts at Yggdrasil, asking if this is what he wanted, and saying he doesn't understand it - and he doesn't want to. He attacks Yggdrasil with All Delete,and Yggdrasil is destroyed. .

. . .And somehow, the Digital World returns, and Dukemon X and Omegamon X speak to one another. They speak of Project Ark, and Yggdrasil manipulating them. And we see Tokomon X and DORUmon re-unite. The end.

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