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is an acronym for the Digital Accident Tactics Squad, was formed after Professor Daimon discovered the existence of evil Digimon. They are tasked with stopping Digimon that are causing problems in the real world and returning them to the Digital World as Digi-Tama.

Professor Daimon Suguru is Masaru's father. He was a leading researcher of Digimon and the Digital World until his disappearance in the Digital World ten years ago when he saved the Digital World Exploration Team.

Daimon Masaru (Image) is the main character, and he is 14 years old. He loves to fight, and he challenges everyone that looks strong. He's proud of that, and though he's seen as a delinquent, but his sense of duty and compassion are stronger than those of most other people. His father was a leading researcher in the Digital World, but now he's gone missing. After meeting his partner, Agumon, Masaru joined DATS, and there he sees Touma as a rival, Yoshino as a teammate, and Agumon as his follower. He is voiced by Hoshi Souichiro.

Agumon (Image) escaped from DATS, and became Masaru's partner. He evolves into Geo Greymon., and from Koromon. He adores Masaru as something like an older brother. He is voiced by Matsuno Taiki.

Touma H. Norstein is Masaru's rival. (Image) He's a genius that graduated from a university when he was 12, and now he's 14. His mother is Japanese, and his father is Austrian. His partner is Gaomon. He's almost the exact opposite of Masaru; calm and shrewd. He sees Masaru as a rival, Yoshino as a teammate, and Gaomon as a partner. He is voiced by Nojima Hirofumi.

Gaomon ((Image)) is Touma's partner. He's an elite Digimon that evolves into Gaogamon, and from Wanyamon. He sees Tohma as someone he should loyally follow and obey. He is voiced by Nakai Kazuya.

Fujieda Yoshino (Image) is the oldest of the three, at 18 years old, and good at living independently. She sees herself as their big sister. Her partner is Raramon. She considers both Tohma and Masaru teammates, and Raramon as a partner as close as a friend. She is voiced by Aragaki Yui.

Raramon (Image) is Yoshino's partner. She evolves into Sunflowmon, and from Badomon. She sees Yoshino as a partner as close as a friend. She is voiced by Yukana.

Satsuma Rentarou (Image) is a leader within DATS. He commands Miki, Megumi, Masaru, Yoshino, Touma, and some associated DATS personnel. He was also a member of the original Digital World Exploration Team, at which time he was a private investigator working with Hiroshi Yushima to find Ikuto. His partner is Kudamon

Pawn Chessmon (Images) are the partners of Shirakawa Megumi and Kurokawa Miki, two other members of DATS.

Noguchi Ikuto (Image) is the son of two Digital World researchers. When they opened a Digital Gate, Ikuto was sucked into the Digital World, where he was raised by a Yukidarimon for several years. Ikuto's loss is partly the reason why the Digital World Exploration Team went to the Digital World. However, after an incident in which Kurata, a member of the Digital World Exploration Team, killed several Digimon, including Yukidarumon, Ikuto decided he hated humans and that he would live as a Digimon. His partner is Falcomon.

Yushima Hiroshi (Image) was a member of the Digital World Exploration team, at which time he was a private investigator working with Satsuma Rentarou to find Ikuto. He later became the chief of DATS, and is the one who gave Masaru his Digivice, as well as lots of nice advice. His partner is Kamemon.

Akihiro Kurata (Image) is not technically a member of DATS, but he was part of the Digital World Exploration Team along with the Noguchis, Satsuma, Yushima, and Professor Daimon. Kurata was responsible for an incident in the Digital World that led the Digimon to attack them, and it was only through the efforts of Daimon Suguru Kurata and the others escaped to the human world. Later, however, Kurata returned to the Digital World with new technology and Gizmon, a Digimon he created, in an attempt to begin an extermination of Digimon. Mercurimon stopped him and Kurata fled once more to the human world, but not before Yukidarumon, Ikuto's guardian, and several other Digimon were killed, leading to a widespread hatred of humans in the Digital World. Since that time, Kurata has continued to make new Digimon and has prepared for another excursion into the Digital World...

Hashiba is a representative of the Confidentiality Ministry, and a sort of overseer for DATS. He believes the humans are already at war with Digimon, and that the humans should invade the Digital World to stop them -- and so his sympathies are with Kurata.

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