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Kouta Doumoto
Kouta is the goggle boy of the story. He protected his Digimon, DORUmon, from an Ookuwamon X, and that's when DORUmon evolved to DORUgamon. DORUmon's full evolution line is Dodomon (Baby), Dorimon (Baby II), DORUmon (Child), DORUgamon (Adult), DORUgremon (Perfect), DORUghoramon (Ultimate/Final). DORUghoramon was defeated by Omegamon X, but the X Antibody forced him to evolve further, and it devoured his flesh, causing him to evolve into Death-X-DORUghoramon (Ultimate/Final). However, DORUmon's data was extracted from Death-X-DORUghoramon; Death-X-DORUghoramon then became Death-X-mon (UIltimate/Final), while DORUmon evolved into Raptordramon (Adult), Grademon (Perfect), and Alphamon (Ultimate/Final). He combined with Ou Ryuumon (Ultimate/Final) to gain a set of wings and a huge sword. That form is called Alphamon Ultimate War Blade King Dragon.

Yuuji Musha
Yuuji first appears in the Urd Terminal, the place where dinosaur-like Digimon roam. Yuuji doesn't seem to think much of Kouta's Tamer skills, and he aspires to have a "Perfect Pendulum" - in other words, he wants Ryuudamon to have a Win Ratio of 100% no matter what. Later, when Ou Ryuumon and Alphamon battle Death-X-mon, Ou Ryuumon is badly damaged...but Yuuji and Kouta are fighting to live, and Ou Ryuumon and Alphamon Blast Evolve! Ryuudamon's full evolution line is Fufumon (Baby), Kyokyomon (Baby II), Ryuudamon (Child), Gin Ryuumon (Adult), Hisha Ryuumon (Perfect), Ou Ryuumon (Ultimate/Final). He combines with Alphamon to become Alphamon Ultimate War Blade King Dragon (Ultimate/Final).

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Digimon Savers
The new anime continues to air weekly in Japan.

Card Game Alpha Evolve.4

Digimon Savers: The Movie
December 9th.

Digimon Next
The chapters continue to appear monthly in V-Jump.

Digivice Burst
November 18th.

Digimon Story
The US version is set to appear later this year.

Digimon Mini Ver. 2
Japan. The latest V-Pet came out March 18th.

Japan. The newest Japanese card game set came out in early April.

Figue Cube Mini
Japan. The Digimon Figure Cube Minis came out late April.

Ultimate Genome
Japan. The fourth version of the Digimon Accelerator came out November 19th, in two colors - red and blue.

X-Evolution DVD
Japan. The DVD came out on November 25th, almost a year after the movie first aired.

Digimon Mini
Japan. November 23rd.

Digimon Next
Japan. The first Japanese Digimon manga since V-Tamer, Digimon Next came out in a recent issue of V-Jump.

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