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Discussion and downloads.

The sixth Digimon series is titled Digimon Xros Wars (pronounced Digimon Cross Wars). That link is the high-quality image. It begins in July. The official Toei site is here, and here is the TV Asahi site. Xros Wars will be airing on TV Asahi instead of FujiTV, the historical home of Digimon.

So now, it's looking pretty likely.

The client is now up and available for download at!

I contacted WeMade games with a couple questions, and they kindly sent a response back. :)

Celebi: Is Digimon Battle going to have all the same events and so forth as the
Korean version, or will you guys be spicing it up a little and having
some new things?
WeMade: Our Digimon Battle is English version and it's for worldwide users. We will provide both the same and different events to our GSP users. We will try our best to offer fun and beneficial events so our users can be satisfied, however, in the beginning we will also have hard time figuring out the trends and characteristics in our server. So, some of the events might not be satisfying for all users. We will keep studying our users so we can do better in time.
Celebi: In a similar vein, is there any possibility of the American-only
Digimon, for example? Is there a chance that US users might get new
Digimon that haven't appeared in the Korean version?
WeMade: We are working on it so GSP users can feel different and more excited. We're sure that you will see new digimons in our server, however, it won't be done right away. It will take time but at least, we can promise you that it will happen.
Celebi: Any idea of a release date for the final version?
WeMade: -Our commercialization will start in a couple of months, however, we are not certain about the date. There are always unexpected issues when launching a game, so we can't really be sure and that is why we cannot make promise with users when it's not certain. We don't want to disappoint our users :)
Celebi: I'm not totally sure of this, but I'm told the original version of
Digimon Battle is free to play, but supported by micro-transactions.
Will this version be the same?
WeMade: Our Digimon Battle will be a Free to Play server with Cash item shop(Digishop). Shop won't be open until the commercialization. Usually people will be able to buy items using Paypal, PaybyCash and etc. There will be also prepaid cards that people can buy from stores.

Make sure to check out the game, it looks pretty good so far. :)

Trufax collated from Twitter:
-The servers are global, it doesn't matter where you are, you can play Digimon Battle.
-There will be no wipe after the open beta,
-There will be content in the game which is not in the Korean version.
-The Frontier Starter Kit includes: 10 Jump Gates, 10 Vigor Floppy Discs (200 VP recovery) & 10 Recovery Floppy Discs (200 HP recovery)
-Not all the Digimon partners will be available right away in the beta.

The Digimon Battle Beta is now open for registration.

WeMade Entertainment, a Korea-based gaming company, is releasing a new game, Digimon Battle, in the US this March. The official site is here, and includes a trailer. This looks like a localized version of the Korean Digimon RPG you've probably heard about.

It's looking increasingly unlikely that any new Digimon series is going to be announced at Jump Festa, with only a couple hours left, and there doesn't appear to be any news in V-Jump aside from the DS game, though all of the scans haven't been posted yet.

If it does turn out to be the case that nothing happens at Jump Festa and nothing is published in V-Jump this month, it's pretty unlikely -- but not impossible -- that there will be a sixth series this spring.

Word on the street is there's a new Digimon series coming out next spring called Digimon Around. There should be full confirmation by the end of December. But Zero says it's definitely true now.

Also, there's a new Digimon DS game coming out called Digimon Story Lost Evolution. And the Wii game is allegedly coming For Real now. Thread on DDF here.

So out on DDF, we've been working on a fanseries/manga to keep things going and alive. And today, the first issue of Digimon Code was released! Be sure to check it out and tell your friends!

I'm still alive. I didn't realize it had been almost a year. There just really hasn't been too much in the way of news.

Some updates will be on the way. I still have pretty big plans.

CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation (Nasdaq: CHINA) Closed at $3.64. Today announced it has licensed “Digimon RPG” and “Digimon RPG2,” the massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) based on a Japanese television animated series, for distribution in North America and The People’s Republic of China from SK Telecom, a leading mobile telecommunications operator in South Korea.

"We are very pleased to license Digimon RPG and Digimon RPG2 to CDC Games," said Yongbo Cho, Online Game Business team leader, SK Telecom. "Digimon RPG has been very well received in Korea which is one of the world's most competitive online games markets. With CDC Games' impressive global infrastructure, deep expertise in the global gaming market and its successful track record in the world's largest online games market, we believe Digimon RPG will be very successful in both the U.S. and China."

Full Press Release

Just a small update since someone asked me, Examon's lance is named Ambrosius, and his wings are called Caledfwlch. Ambrosius was an English-Roman king some believe to be the real-life King Arthur, and Caledfwlch is an early Welsh name for the sword Excalibur.

tera found out that the design of Examon is very likely something that will be continued in the Royal Knights, in the sense that there will probably be more Royal Knights with designs we wouldn't expect. He also brings up Ogudamon, a new boss character in the Battle Terminal.

The official Battle Terminal 02 site updated at some point with a second little comic strip, and DATS has scanlated it here. Registration required, I think.

akpapa has posted a neat video of Slayerdramon in the Battle Terminal 02. He's also posted a video of Examon.

This has come up several times on IRC, so I thought I would mention it here. This poster does not say anything about a new animated Digimon series at all. It does not imply one, suggest one, or otherwise intimate there will ever be a sixth series. The poster is about the new third Digimon Battle Terminal 02 set, and that's what it's talking about. I don't know how to emphasize this enough. That's the main announcement of the poster -- the new third Battle Terminal 02 series is coming out soon. That's why it's surrounded by the Data Carddas and Digimon Battle Terminal 02 logos. The Digimon at the end of the banner is probably showing up in the set.

Please stop asking about it. The poster has absolutely nothing new that anyone cares about. It just has some cool pictures. It is not announcing a sixth series.

There's some totally awesome pictures in the V-Jump that came out this month -- check out this picture of Breakdramon and Qinglongmon facing off and this cool shot of Examon, Slayerdramon, and Wingdramon.

It also announces the release date for Digimon Championship -- February 14th, in Japan. It looks like Coronamon and Lunamon will be reappearing. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be much new in this issue, although apparently I should start reading NEXT again.

Scans thanks to HKDMC, obviously. I can't wait for Vande's!

According to this blog, linked to by tera, Examon's attacks are Avalon's Gate, Pendragon's Glory, and Dragonic Impact. It also provides a much better picture of Examon. Slayerdramon, too. Slayerdramon's visible attacks are 天竜斬破 - Tenryuuzanha (Heavenly Dragon Slash Breaker, or something) and Kouryuuzanha (which has no visible kanji, so I assume it's Light Dragon Slash Breaker.)

Crossposted on the forums.

EDIT: New pictures of Slayerdramon reveal that the kanji in Slayerdramon's attack isn't the right one for light, so it's something else.

I was getting tired of posting news of boring stuff, so I waited a while, and now there's stuff definitely worth mentioning.

First of all, there's a new Royal Knight announced -- Examon (EGUZAMON). Wingdramon's final form is Slayerdramon, Examon apparently evolves from Breakdramon and Slayerdramon. Don't get too excited: Examon is pretty ugly.

Evolve.8 will also include the Four Holy Beasts, plus Huanglongmon. It'll be coming out in January 2008, so it's not too too far away. 42 cards total, 30 Normal, 6 Silver Rare (Slayerdramon is a Silver Rare), 5 Gold Rare, and 1 Rainbow Rare. Examon is a Gold Rare, thankfully, meaning that he'll be showing up in plenty of online auctions we can get scans from, because he's rare but not incredibly rare like Huanglongmon, who'll be the Rainbow Rare. Don't ask me why they changed the naming scheme for rarity.

You can check out a scan provided by tera that includes pictures of Examon and Slayerdramon here. Examon is the hideous winged thing, and Slayerdramon is the bluish dragon with a long tail wielding a flame-torrent sword-thing. Also, thanks to Splash for pointing out the picture was there, because I didn't notice.

Moving on, this month's V-Jump also announced a new Japanese Nintendo DS game, Digimon Championship. It'll be coming out sometime in 2008, is made by Bandai-Namco, and is a Raise-then-Battle RPG, or something like that. Apparently, though, you can't control your Digimon in battle. There'll be over 200 Digimon making an appearance in this game. It's about battle tournaments and stuff, which reminds me of D-1 Tamers. Thanks to Stunt on DDF for bringing that to my attention.

In case anyone's interested, the dub opening can be viewed here.

Since it'll be a good while before we see real scans, I thought some people might be interested in seeing pictures of most of the cards.

Duftmon X, like half the cards in the set, Black War Greymon X, another random group, INCLUDING the best picture of Groundramon yet, I think!, Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode, Medieval Dukemon, and Death-X-mon.

There's some hope for the Jump Festa 2008, which lands on December 22nd this year, to have some announcements about new Digimon stuff, I think. tera and others seem to be hoping for card stuff, but I think it's reasonable to hope for a sixth series, too.

It also looks like Digimon Savers will be part of this 2008 calendar. That doesn't mean anything about the possibility of a new series, but I think it shows how popular Savers was.

tera edited his post to include a picture of Duftmon X's card.

Duftmon X
Evolves from Duftmon Leopard Mode, Panjyamon, or Megalo Growmon.
The X-Antibody awoke in Duftmon X!
Nature Spirits, Holy Knight, Data, Royal Knights
Braunnebel - 1120 [Brown Mist]
Eine Billion - 910 [One Trillion/Billion, depending on where you live.]
Protect - 570

Thanks to tera and Zelsius.

They had updated again on the same day they posted the Dracomon comic, but I didn't notice. Going by the latest update, it looks like Xuanwumon will be the new Holy Beast it's focusing on, while previously it was Baihumon. I don't think Baihumon's story is "finished" yet, though.

More from tera. I'm not sure I'll have time to post what I was intending this weekend.

Black War Greymon X
The X-Antibody's influence awakened this Black War Greymon!
Evolves from Metal Greymon or Megalo Growmon.
Dragon's Roar, Ultimate, Dragon Man, Virus
Ankoku Gaia Force - 1230 [Dark Gaia Force]
Hades Force - 970
Protect - 680

The full list of Normal rarity cards is also provided.

Petitmon, Babydmon, Guilmon X, Gomamon X, Kokuwamon X, Gotsumon X, Tsukaimon, Gabumon X, Patamon, Coredramon, Growmon X, Mantaraymon X, Kuwagamon X, Death-X DORUgamon, Opossumon, Tailmon X, Nefertimon X, Death-X DORUgremon, Chatsuramon, Yatagaramon, Grandis Kuwagamon X, Chaosdramon, Grottomon, Jet Silphtmon. If you're interesting in the options and commands, they're Urd Terminal, Versandi/Verdandi Terminal, Skuld Terminal, X-Evolution, DeaXlution, and X Program.

I -think- this means I've posted all the cards in the set except two Super Rares we don't know yet.

From tera, who made some pretty major updates today. Suprisingly, Petitmon and Babydmon apparently make appearances, the first Baby Digimon I can think of other than Culumon to get cards.

Dα-522 Petitmon
This Slime Type Digimon has big horns and little wings.
No attribute, Baby Level, Slime Type

Dα-523 Babydmon
Evolves from Petitmon
He has program code characteristic of an Infant Dragon from ancient times.
No attribute, Baby II Level, Infant Dragon type.
Hot Gas - 10
B and C attacks are blank.

Dα-563 NEO
He evolves from any Level IV Digimon.
It's impossible to analyze him with today's technology! An enigmatic digital life-form.
No attribute, no level, Unknown Type, no family.
Judgement - 1060
Zero Genesis - 920
Protect - 560

Some of the other Digimon showing up in this set are Black War Greymon X (545), Duftmon X (551), (preceding are ultra rare), Death-X-mon (550), Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode (552), Medieval Dukemon (554), Ravemon Burst Mode (556), Agnimon (563), (preceding were all super rares) Magnamon X (535), Groundramon (540), Megalo Growmon X (541), Giga Seadramon (546), Death-X DORUghoramon (549), Dynasmon X (553), Ravemon (555), Vritramon (558), Ardhamon (559), Fairymon (561), (preceding were all rares), Guilmon X, Gomamon X, Gabumon X, Gotsumon X, Kokuwamon X, Growmon X, Coredramon (Blue), Mantaraymon X, Kuwagamon X, Grandis Kuwagamon X, Tailmon X, Nefertimon X.

Since tera was kind enough to post a lot of the card information for rarer cards, they'll hopefully be part of what I update with this weekend. I translated all the Digimon who hadn't had cards before in this post. Duftmon X's information might take a while to show up, since he's an Ultra Rare.

If you go straight to the Digimon Battle Terminal 02 page, there's a little comic up about Dracomon and Devimon. It's nothing terribly interesting, but here's more-or-less what it says:

Devimon: You'll be deleted! Hahaha...
Dracomon: *choking*
Devimon: What is...this light?!
Devimon: This guy...what on Earth?!
Devimon: What,
Dracomon: Yay~! ...What the?!

And a few people have emailed me about them, there's a couple of hideously boring new Digimon from the Battle Terminal 02 too, completing some of Dracomon's line. The sources also post screenshots that helpfully show some attacks, too.

Groundramon has Giga Crack, Megaton Hammer Crash, Scrapper's Claw(? - I'm not so sure about this one.)

Breakdramon has Destroyed Rush, Gravity Breath, Infinity Boring. He evolves from Groundramon, so he's one of Dracomon's Ultimates.

Then there's Wingdramon, who evolves from the blue-style Coredramon. He's got Blaze Sonic Breath, Ex Float Sonic Lance, and Wing Blast.

I've a lot, lot more updates for this weekend. Thanks to Ocean Blew, akpapa, and Omnimon for this.

The official Digimon card game site has updated with more information about Evolve.7 and with an Original Digimon Contest..

The new poster just says that the set goes on sale this month, and features the debut of Black War Greymon X. The shadowed figure is said to be a member of the Royal Knights, lending some credence to the idea that it's Duftmon X. The white box is just about the Original Digimon contest.

The Original Digimon Contest is similar to the ones we've had in the past, and the site gives Digimon like Pandamon, Zambamon, and Orochimon as examples of Digimon that became official through this contest. I think the applications will be in the X Antibody/Hybrid sets and in this month's V-Jump, but the deadline to submit them is October 31st. It looks like there are two Digimon that could come out of this, with the first prize and the special V-Jump prize, but I'm not sure. There are, of course, lots of second places and honorary mentions, which get you a certificate and various Digimon goods. The winners are announced in mid-December.

I usually don't comment on the dub, because I don't have any way of watching it, but I was browsing around Jeff Nimoy's MySpace stuff, and in addition to confirming Tiffanie Cristun as Biyomon, he says not to trust ANYONE except for him (and obviously official sources) on things like episode titles. So, since episode titles have been floating around everywhere, I thought I'd point that out.

I got this in my inbox this morning. Supposedly, it's a new movie, but not having watched any of the previous ones, I don't know for sure. Check it out here.

tera edited his last entry to include a picture of some of the cards in Evolve.7, including NEO. NEO is the first card; his name is written out in English, with the katakana alongside it (which is the first time I can remember this happening with a Japanese Digimon card.) His family, level, and attribute fields look like they're left blank, leaving only a type, which probably just says Unknown (it's the logical thing, I think, and it kind of looks like it, although I can't be absolutely sure.) It looks like he could be evolving from Gold Numemon, and his attacks are indecipherable. Judging from his HP and attack power though, he has the power of an Ultimate (Mega) Digimon.

The other Digimon, if you can't tell, are Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode, Ravemon Burst Mode, Death-X-mon, and Bakumon.

I've added D-S Starmon, who turns out to be Dark Super Starmon to the encyclopedia, since a full picture of his card was shown in V-Jump.

The blue Coredramon, though I haven't yet added him to the encyclopedia, is a Vaccine instead of a Virus. I am pretty sure he's still a Dragon Digimon, and he's definitely still Dragon's Roar and an Adult level. I am pretty sure at least one of his attacks is different.

According to tera, who got some of his information from Rariigo, Evolve.7 will feature -- in addition to Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode, Ravemon Burst Mode, and Black War Greymon X -- a "NEO" Digimon, with stats unknown (other than he seems to be a Type B and you can only have one of him.) This may or may not be the same as Duftmon X.

Thanks to The Digi Port and Kyl146:

"It seems Digimon Data Squad will premier Monday October 1, 2007 at 8:30 PM.

It looks as if we will have 2 Digimon Data Squad episodes per week- one on Monday at 8:30 PM, and Fridays at 8:30 PM. Possibly 2 new episodes per week, or it could be repeats?? We'll have to see."

I've neglecting translating the Digimon Web Digimon World page, so here's the two that you haven't seen before.

Data 04:
Two Ultimate Digimon -- Dukemon of the Royal Knights and Metal Garurumon face Qinglongmon at the Assembler Tower, which has towered into the heavens themselves since ancient times. They challenged Qinglongmon to battle so that they might show off the skills they were most proud of, but both are defeated before they could even wound Qinglongmon. Forced by this dilemma to cooperate, two Tamers and their Digimon barely defeat Qinglongmon; however, the Digimon are seriously wounded and on the verge of death. Qinglongmon regains consciousness, but he must go into a sleep to recover. But before he does so, he gives the dying Digimon a special program code. Dukemon and Metal Garurumon then breathe their last, and their data disassembles, leaving only two never-before-seen Digitama...

Data 05:
Now, unless a powerful Tamer without fault can be found, the Digital World will be drawn to the extremes of chaos! The L Army and the R Army...the elite of the Digital World assemble to find the powerful among them; surely the hero will save the them is among them! To save the Digital World, one man stands up -- Commander Yuu. His purpose is to unite the L and R groups, which have chaotically and sporadically battled over and over, through "Communication by Cooperation." They all form a huge mass battle, where the point is not to hurt one another, but to improve each Tamer and their partner Digimon so that they can save the Digital World. That's Commander Yuu's wish!

Via ANN:

" Toei Animation's mega-hit animated series Digimon makes its 5th season debut this fall on Toon Disney's Jetix block with Digimon: Data Squad, which adds a new cast of characters and bold storylines to the globally-renowned action-adventure franchise.

Digimon: Data Squad continues the adventures of 14-year-old Marcus and dinosaur-type partner Agumon as they challenge the menacing Digimon from the Digital World who intrudes into the Human World to cause nothing but trouble. For their efforts, the pair is inducted into DATS (Data Squad) a special investigation unit called in to ensure planetary safety. Being a reformed schoolyard punk, Marcus learns to channel his belligerence toward the evil Digimon, and to work as a team to help protect the human world from ruin.

The Digimon: Data Squad cast also includes Marcus' rival, teen prodigy Thomas H. Norstein and his beast-type Digimon partner Gaoman and Yoshino Fujieda, the only girl in the DATS and her plant-type Digimon partner Lalamon.

Legendary Japanese animation studio Toei Animation is the creator of Digimon, which ranks among the most popular and longest-running action series in the world. In addition to the launch of the animated television series on Jetix, Bandai America will be releasing an expansive line of Digimon: Data Squad toys in early 2008 while Namco Bandai Games America has set video games based on the newest Digimon series for the fall.

Outside of the U.S., the renowned Digimon franchise has achieved major global success, with the acclaimed animated series airing in over 40 countries worldwide.

Said Mr. Yosuke Kobayashi, President and COO of Toei Animation: "We are delighted to continue our association with ABC Cable Networks Group in bringing the newest season of the perennially popular Digimon to the Toon Disney Jetix block. The popularity of Digimon continues to build, attracting new generations of fans which is the hallmark of a successful evergreen property." "

1. Eikyuu ni Tsuzuke! [Onward to Infinity] / Yagami Taichi (Fujita Yoshiko)

2. Ashita [Tomorrow] / Motomiya Daisuke (Kiuchi Reiko)

3. Kiseki no Takaramono [Treasure of a Miracle] / Matsuda Takato (Tsumura Makoto)

4. Secret Rendezvous / Kanbara Takuya (Takeuchi Junko)

5. Yume no Kakera [Pieces of a Dream] / Daimon Masaru (Hoshi Souichirou)

6. Try Again! / IKUO

7. Omoide no Mukou [Face the Memories] / Miyazaki Ayumi

8. Chiisana Kakera [Tiny Pieces] / AiM

9. Hokori ~Kagirinaki Chikara no Shoumei [Pride ~Proof of Limitless Strength] / Wada Kouji

With much thanks to Marimo on the DVR forums, who is the source (uncredited by some disreputable sites) of this information, who says they got it from Neowing and Seven and Y, although I can't find it on those sites. Toei has had the release information on the CD for a while; it comes out August 1st for 3000 yen, or about $25 USD.

Check that out here.

Well, they updated again.

"Because of the Tamers, progress was made on the cancellation of the Crack Program, but then, unexpected problems broke out. There were two different models for the hardware of the Digimon Twin, and the families of Digimon they could control were different. The organization was either beast Digimon in the Model-L (Liberation) or dragon Digimon in the Model-R (Revolution), each with their own battle styles. The forte of the dragon Digimon was in power, because of their overwhelming firepower, while beast Digimon specialized in incredible speed, thanks to their well-adapted bodies. The Tamers and their partner Digimon gradually came to excel among their species, and conflicted with the others about their battle styles.

In the beginning, the Tamers competed to be the one to cancel Tempest, but they began to stake the pride of themselves and their partner Digimon on their rivalries and fought each other. It soon came to pass that every place in the Digital World was becoming a battleground..."

They haven't changed the date, so I'm not sure when the next update will be, of if there will be one.

Check out the first Englishs screens I'm aware of for DWDS here. The site also has screenshots from the English version of Digimon World Dawn and Dusk here.

This is a SUPER DUPER exclusive, of course.

They updated as promised. Basically, Tamers, using their new Digimon Twins, and alongside their partner Digimon, have no choice but to use force to stop the Digimon affected by Tempest. The next update is on the 13th.

Digital Monster Alpha Special Set
August 2007
9 Normal, 1 Rare - 10 Set Series
1 Coredramon and Coredramon Subspecies
2 V-Dramon and Gold V-Dramon
3 Kyuubimon and Youkomon
4 Igamon and Kougamon
5 Muchomon and Penmon
6 Seadramon and Waru Seadramon
7 Super Starmon and D-S Starmon
8 Wizarmon and Fla Wizarmon
9 Pidmon and Angemon
10 Shine Greymon and Burst Mode
The Coredramon subspecies is the blue Coredramon. The blue Starmon is D-S Starmon, and no, I don't know what that stands for.

Digital Monster Card Game Alpha X Antibody x Hybrid
September 2007
30 Normal, 10 Rare, 8 Super Rare, 2 Ultra Rare
Alphamon (with the Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword), Death-X-mon, Agnimon, Dracomon, and Groundramon (Dracomon's Perfect) are the Digimon in the scan.

There's also some information about Evolve.6 in V-Jump, which came out recently. The Carddas site is available and everything, and there are some scans I'll try to post later. The mysterious shadowed Digimon is, by the way, just Beezlebumon BM. There's also a third United Booster featuring a lot of X Digimon, including Dukemon X and Beelzebumon X.

And also, because I don't think I've mentioned it before, the Digimon Battle Terminal stuff has kind of been revamped into a second series -- Digimon Battle Terminal 2. You can check out it's official site here.

Thanks to Sakuyamon for helping me track down the images and stuff.

The official Digimon site has once more been renovated, and there are several new sections, including a very small Digimon Dictionary, and interestingly, a section describing the history of the Digital World. If you remember the Digimon Twins, by the way, the L and R stand for Liberation and Revolution, respectively, which is what that's all about.

Anyway, the first and only file so far in the Digital World section reads thusly:

"After the Demon Lords left the Digital World, it seemed as though the chaos the Seven Devil's Attack the Seven Great Demon Lords had assaulted it had settled, and there was peace in the Digital World for many months...However, the sly Seven Great Demon Lords had secretly released their crack program "Tempest" into the Digital World.

[Caption: The defenders of the Digital World, the Four Holy Beasts go wild!]

Suddenly, the defenders of the Digital World -- the Four Holy Beasts -- went wild because of the crack program. Furthermore, the crack program affected not only the Four Holy Beasts, but the contagion began to spread to the Digimon around the sacred enshrinement areas of the Four Holy Beasts. The Digital World was once more thrown into chaos..."

The next update (for that section) is on the 6th.

They also managed to finish off the Digimon Twin evolution chart. There's also a neat wallpaper available here. If asked for a username and password, both are digimontwin.

Click Here

This time they're asking for your Favorite Digimon Battle Terminal Card, and Option Card. You'll need to put the # of the Card, and its name (in Japanese of course). The 1st and 2nd place Digimon Cards and Option Cards will appear in the new United Booster 03, which goes on sale July 2007! I think the poll will close May 14 2007.

A reminder, it's ONLY for Battle Terminal Cards.

Brand New Ads!
Digimon Card Game Alpha 7 Great Demon Lords Advent Compilation
New Battle Terminal Logo, and United Booster 03

Dracomon might be getting a card soon it seems...

Also news from V-Jump of the 7th Digimon Battle Terminal Card Series, subtitled as "Seven Devil Attack". Scan here, thanks to Evan from HKDMC

According to ANN (which is not all that reliable), Masaru's dub name is Marcus.

Since it's finally announceable -- Disney has indeed licensed Digimon Savers from Toei Animation, and it's set to air this fall on Jetix. If you don't believe me, check the news. This is been in the works for a while now, but it's finally official and final.

Hopefully, I'll have some exclusive information for you guys soon. Please remember to credit sources, etc.

EDIT: I'm told that some people are claiming that Toei is doing the actual dubbing. I would be extremely skeptical of this, since more reliable people have said that it's Disney (or that Disney's having it done, I assume), and it would be the much more logical choice, but I don't have anything I can point to on that right now.

Do you think that the Royal Knights are the coolest thing to hit the Digital World since Frigimon? Have you ever thought, "Man, Duftmon looks like a wimp," or "Alphamon? Psh, just another clunky suit of armor?" If you've ever wanted the chance to design what you think a Royal Knight should be, wait no longer: Design-A-Knight has begun.

What: A contest to design new Royal Knight digimon.
When: From now until Friday, April 27.
Who: All members of the forum. If you aren't a member, what are you waiting for? Register an account today and enjoy the fun, discussion, and community TDD has to offer.
How: Post your design in the contest thread on TDD, which includes the full rules and guidelines.

Bantyo Leomon does not appear in the final episode. Everyone totally needs to sign the Bantyo Leomon Movie petition to urge Toei to make up for this terrible mistake. I would greatly appreciate it if this petition was spread around and signed by as many people as possible.

Seven Great Demon Lords Advent Compilation

Starter Set 840 Yen
32 Cards + Rules and Playsheet + 1 Index
Total Kinds: 21
18 Normal Cards
3 Super Rare Cards
*There are nine cards only for the starter.

Booster Pack 157 Yen
48 Cards in Total
30 Normal Cards
10 Rare Cards
6 Super Rare Cards
2 Ultra Rare Cards
1 Secret Card

Release Date: June 15, 2007

-All 7 Great Demon Lords appear as Super Rare cards.
-The 2nd Place Winner of the Digimon Popularity Contest, Imperialdramon PM makes an appearance as an Ultra Rare card.

Ad Scan #1
Ad Scan #2

You can download the last episode of Digimon Savers through BitTorrent here, through MegaUpload here, or through Sendspace here.

The discussion on DDF is here.

Thanks to Stunt on DDF for pointing this out -- C3 has posted Famitsu's ratings of Sunburst and Moonlight. It looks like they did fairly well, though not spectacular. Famitsu is a widely known and fairly respected Japanese magazine. They've not yet posted this on their site.

The encyclopedia has been brought back up-to-date with the addition of or updates to Bantyo Leomon Burst Mode, Dracomon, Petitmon, Babydmon, Argomon Ultimate, Victory Greymon, Shine Greymon Ruin Mode, Z'd Garurumon, Rook Chessmon, Bishop Chessmon, El Doradimon, Duftmon, Duftmon Leopard Mode, and more. I'll be adding pictures later tonight hopefully; I just wanted to get them off my harddrive for now, since I've been having trouble with it, which is the reason it took me so long to get them up.

New Digimon Story Enemy?

New Digimon revealed in current V-Jump.

Celebit: Grimmon is "the Digital World's source of chaos!" I can't make out all the words, but it seems that Grimmon is an enigmatic Digimon that suddenly appeared in a Digimon City. He's an original Digimon in Sunburst and Moonlight, and a formidable enemy. As the main character, you have to battle him. It looks like he first shows up as a Digitama, though.

I showed this to Sakuyamon yesterday, but I guess neither one of us got around to posting it. At the Greatest of Digimon event, these three Digimon were revealed - Dracomon, Petitmon, and Babydmon, if you want to go by the English spellings they give, which seem reasonable. Petitmon is a Baby I level Slime Digimon, Babydmon is a Baby II Digimon and I think an Infant Dragon type. Neither Babydmon nor Petitmon have an attribute, being Baby Digimon. Dracomon is a Child level Data attribute Dragon Digimon. Dracomon's attacks include Baby Breath.

Please remember to credit properly.

You can download Digimon Savers Episode 47 using Bittorrent here or through MegaUpload here. I'll try to actually write a summary for this one later. You can discuss it and read the summary on DDF here.

DVR updates with new spoilers for Episode 47. Althought it's kind of late...

Yggdrasil who angrily looses the body of Daimon Suguru, transforms into an enormous Digimon, Yggdramon (don't know if the magazine actually calls him Yggdramon). Masaru and the others attack with the power of their partners, but Yggdramon is too strong and strikes back powerfully. However, Masaru and the others, refuse to give up, and declare, "We'll surely win, to protect everyone." To defeat the hope of our heroes, Yggdramon leaves with an eerie last word, "I'll remove your reason to fight," and he flies off to the human world. The world is burned up by Yggdramon's attack, the attack evens reaches the Digital World. However, our heroes chase after Yggdramon, and confront it. They, however, fall from the huge difference of power. Then, the Royal Knights appear, and they question Yggdramon, "Is it really justice to attack the human world?"

Apparently the Digimon Savers Best CD, will have the image songs.

The following characters will have image songs:

Yoshino is apparently not in the collection.

Songs in the Collection:
-One Star
-Unit Song of Four (people)
-Masaru Solo
-Agumon Solo (lmao)
-Touma Solo
-Gaomon Solo
-Ikuto and Falcomon Duet
-BanchouLeomon Solo (or a duet with Suguru or Masaru)

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